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Map of Iran in Middle East Countries

Luristan or Lorestan (Persian: استان لرستان‎, Ostān-e Lorestān ) is a historic territory and province of western Iran, amidst the Zagros Mountains.


Lorestan includes 10 counties (Shahrestans): Aligudarz, Azna, Borujerd, Delfan, Dorud, Doureh , Khorramabad, Kuhdasht, Selseleh , and Poldokhtar.

Jat History

Hukum Singh Panwar[1] writes that the presence of Jats in Indus Valley is fully confirmed by external sources. Hamza [2] of Isfahan (893-970) and half a century later, Firdausi furnish us with unimprechable evidence that "the Iranian emperor, Behram Gour (420-448 AD) secured from king Sankhala of North India his princess in marriage besides 12000 musicians of both sexes, known as Luri Jats, for participation in an Iranian national celebration, and in lieu of their excellent performances, settled them with ex gratia grants of land, oxen and grain in a province called as Luristan after them in Iran. Discovery of a district known as Zutt and certain villages of similar name in Luristan by Arab geographer and travellers, viz, Istakhari, Ibn-Hawkal, Mukaddasi, Yakut and Mustawfi reasonably compel us to conclude that those names must have been given by the Jats who were settled in Luristan by Behram Gour in the first half of the 5th century AD.

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