The Jats:Their Origin, Antiquity and Migrations

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The Jats:Their Origin, Antiquity and Migrations

Book by

Hukum Singh Panwar (Pauria)

Manthan Publications, Rohtak. First Edition:1993, ISBN 81-85235-22-8


Invocation ....i

Dedication ....ii

Tribute to stimulators ....iii

Acknowledgments ....iv-vi

Foreword ....vii-viii

Preface ....ix-x

Prologue ....xi-xxv

Abbreviations ....xxvi-xxvii


Section one

(an appraisal of extant theories: mythical)

I. A. The Jaathra theory of Angad Sharma ....1-30

I. B. The Jaathra theory of Lahiri Singh ....31-32

II. The Origin of the Jats from matted locks (Jata) of Lord Siva ....33-39

III. The Jarta or Jartika or Jartrika theory ....40-66

IV. A. The Origin of Jats from Rajput-Gujar union ....67-68

IV. B. The Origin of Jat from Ajaat ....68-70

V. The Yadava origin of the Jats ....71-92

VI. The origin of the Jat Sansanwal dynasry of Bharatpur ....93-112

Section two (an apraisal of extant theories: scientific)

VII. An Historico-Somatometrical study bearing on the origin of the Jats ....113-173

VIII. The Scythic origin of the Jats 174-212

Section three (Migrations, identifications, variants of the Jats and epilogue)

IX. The migrations of the Jats to the North-Western countries ....213-295

X. The identification of the Jats ....296-335

XI. Jat-Its variants ....336-382

XII. Epilogue ....383-395

Section four (Addenda and Appendices)

Addenda ....i-ii

Appendices ....i-xxviii

Section five (Bibliography and Index)



Map on migrations of the Jats

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