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The Mahābhārata (महाभारत) is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the other being the Rāmāyaṇa. For more details see - Introduction

The division into 18 Parvas

The division of Mahabharata into 18 parvans is as follows. The following Parvas of Mahabharata mention about Jat clans in Chapters given in each Parva. You may read these Chapters in English and Sanskrit by clicking each Parva.

Book Parva Sub-Parvas Contents Mention of clans in Chapters
1 Adi Parva (The Book of the Beginning) 1-19 Introduction, birth and upbringing of the princes. History of the Bharata race and also traces history of the Bhrigu race. (adi means first) I.17, I.80, I.144, I.185
2 Sabha Parva (The Book of the Assembly Hall) 20-28 Life at the court, the game of dice, and the exile of the Pandavas. Maya Danava erects the palace and court (sabha), at Indraprastha. II.9, II.13, II.23-29, II.31, II.46, II.47, II.48
3 Aranyaka Parva (also Vana Parva, Aranya Parva) (The Book of the Forest) 29-44 The twelve years in exile in the forest (aranya). III.48, III.114, III.116
4 Virata Parva (The Book of Virata) 45-48 The year in exile spent at the court of Virata. IV.1, IV.2, IV.5, IV.12, IV.20
5 Udyoga Parva (The Book of the Effort) 49-59 Preparations for war (udyoga means effort or work) V.7, V.19, V.31, V.53, V.72, V.82, V.157
6 Bhishma Parva (The Book of Bhishma) 60-64 The first part of the great battle, with Bhishma as commander for the Kauravas. VI.6, VI.9, VI.10, VI.18, VI.20, VI.46, VI.47, VI.52, VI.68, VI.83, VI.112
7 Drona Parva (The Book of Drona) 65-72 The battle continues, with Drona as commander. VII.15, VII.61, VII.66, VII.67, VII.68, VII.165
8 Karna Parva (The Book of Karna) 73 The battle again, with Karna as commander. VIII.4 , VIII.17, VIII.30
9 Shalya Parvan (The Book of Shalya) 74-77 The last part of the battle, with Shalya as commander. IX.43, IX.44
10 Sauptika Parva (The Book of the Sleeping Warriors) 78-80 How Ashwathama and the remaining Kauravas killed the Pandava army in their sleep (sauptika).
11 Stri Parva (The Book of the Women) 81-85 Gandhari and the other women (stri) lament the dead.
12 Shanti Parva (The Book of Peace) 86-88 The crowning of Yudhisthira, and his instructions from Bhishma. This is the longest book of the Mahabharata (shanti means peace). XII.29, XII.200
13 Anusasana Parva (The Book of the Instructions) 89-90 The final instructions (anusasana) from Bhishma. XIII.31, XIII.127
14 Ashvamedhika Parva (The Book of the Horse Sacrifice) 91-92 The royal ceremony of the ashvamedha conducted by Yudhisthira. XIV.8
15 Ashramavasika Parva (The Book of the Hermitage) 93-95 Dhritarashtra, Gandhari and Kunti leave for an ashrama, and eventual death in the forest.
16 Mausala Parva (The Book of the Clubs) 96 The infighting between the Yadavas with maces (mausala).
17 Mahaprasthanika Parva (The Book of the Great Journey) 97 The first part of the path to death (mahaprasthana "great journey") of Yudhisthira and his brothers.
18 Svargarohana Parva (The Book of the Ascent to Heaven) 98 The Pandavas return to the spiritual world (svarga).
khila Harivamsa (The Book of the Genealogy of Hari) 99-100 Life of Krishna.

Other contents from Mahabharata


The text relevant to history and geography in Mahabharata may be read in the above Parvas. Click the Parva to go to that page. Text has been converted into Wiki format by Laxman Burdak लक्ष्मण बुरड़क

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