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Location of Malout in Muktsar district

Malout or Malaut is a city and tahsil headquarters in Muktsar district in Punjab, India.


Located in southern Punjab, it is a prominent town in the cotton belt where production per unit area is one of the highest in India.

Malout is a well known city of Punjab located on NH-10 with a 4 lane Grand Trunk (GT) road, which is the pride of the city. This highway connects New Delhi to Fazilka through the city. This town is at the borders of three Indian states (Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan) and two countries (India and Pakistan). The boundaries of Haryana and Rajasthan are just 30 and 65 km away from Malout. On the other hand, it is only 45 km from Pakistan, so the area was highly active in emergency time due to military actions.

Villages in Malout Tahsil

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Shiv Singh Johiya (959 AD) was ruler of Kot Malot (Muktsar) (Punjab). He was attacked by Yavanas in 959 AD and lost his kingdom. He along with 12 sons moved from Kot Malot (Malout) (Muktsar) (Punjab) to Sidhmukh in Rajasthan. Khemraj was eldest son of Raja Shiv Singh (959 AD), who is said to have given name to Khichar Clan of Jats.

Malout city is 4-5 centuries old. It is believed that people of Maan cast founded a fort here, Kacha Kot, leading to popular name Mankot Nagar. With the passage of time people stated calling the city Manout and later Malout.

Another view is that after a popular wrestler (Mall) who was very helpful to people, so the name of this city became Maal-di-out then Malout.

One view is that the British set up a base there to import and export stuff which Indians call normally Mal to Karachi. At that time this city was very famous as Mal out centre, so people started calling this city as Malout. In 1917, the British government established the Bathinda - Karachi railway line, to transport the goods from this part of India to Karachi. Malout Railway Station was established on the line in 1918. Choudhry Harji Ram of Malout village, one of the richest persons of the time, established a new town near the railway station at west side, which was called Mandi Harji Raam. (Mandi means small town in Punjab).

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