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Map of Muktsar district

Muktsar (Hindi:मुक्तसर, Punjabi:ਮੁਕੱਤਸਰ) is a city and district in Punjab, India. The district is known for its many Sikh temples (gurudwaras), including Darbar Sahib, Shaheedi Gurudwara, and Tibbi Sahib.

A huge fair, "Maghi mela" is celebrated in Janauary every year at Muktsar town.

Tahsils in Muktsar district

Villages in Muktsar Tahsil

Akalgarh, Attari, Badhai, Baja Madahar, Ballamgarh, Bari Hari Urf Harike Kalan, Bariwala, (NP) Barkandi, Bhagsar, Bhangchari, Bhangewala, Bhullar, Bir Sarkar, Birwanwali, Budhimal, Bura Gujjar, Chak Attari Saddarwala, Chak Badhai, Chak Baja Madahar, Chak Chibranwali, Chak Dohak, Chak Gandha Singhwala, Chak Jawahar Singhwala, Chak Kala Singhwala, Chak Khokhar, Chak Lambi Dhab, Chak Madrasa, Chak Mahan Bhaddar, Chak Motlewala, Chak Tamkot, Charewan, Chauntra, Chibranwali, Dabra, Dodanwali, Dohak, Fattanwala, Gander, Goniana, Gulabewala, Haraj, Jagat Singhwala, Jamuana, Jandoke, Jaseana, Jhabelwali, Kanianwali, Khokhar, Khunde Halal, Kotli Dewan, Kotli Sangar, Lakhewali, Lakhmireana, Lambi Dhab, Landaroda, Lubhanianwali, Maan Singhwala, Madahar Kalan, Madrasa, Mahan Bhaddar, Mangatker, Mar Mallu, Maur, Motlewala, Mukand Singhwala, Muktsar(M Cl), Muktsar (Rural), Najabat Kokrian, Nandgarh, Nurpur Kirpalke, Ramgarh, Randhawa, Ranjitgarh, Rohurianwali, Roranwali, Rupana, Saddarwala, Sakanwali, Samagh, Samrewali, Sangrana, Sangu Dhaun, Sarai Naga, Sheerwali, Shivpura Muktsar, Sunian, Takhat Malana, Tamkot, Thandewala, Ude Karan, Wangal, Warring, Wattu,


Muktsar has a proud heritage. It is known as the last battlefield of Guru Gobind Singh in 1705 A.D., which proved to be a most decisive conflict in the military history of the Sikhs. Literally the name of this city means "the pool of liberation". The forty Sikh warriors who fought to death here against the Mughal Empire more than three centuries ago are remembered by a grand festival held here every January, which attracts devotees from all over the world.

Ram Sarup Joon[1] writes that....The Xth Guru held a 'sammelan' (assembly) at Anandpur in 1703. The Hindu Rajas of neighboring hilly regions taking it as a threat clashed with Sikhs but were defeated. They asked for help from Delhi. The ruler of Sirhind came to their help. The Sikhs had by now captured the fort of Chamkor and a fierce battle ensued. In this battle the two elder sons of Guru Govind Singh were killed and the two younger ones were captured along with their Grand Mother and they were buried alive in a wall mercilessly at Sirhind. The Grand Mother of these children committed suicide by jumping from the roof. This tragedy occurred in about 1703 or 1704. After a pause, in 1706 the Sikhs again had another battle with the Royal Army at Muktsar in which the Sikhs were crushed.

Notable persons

The 2 prominent CMs of Punjab have their origins from Muktsar district.

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