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Map of Misls of Sikhs

Nishanian Wali was one of the Sikkh Misls in Punjab.



The rise of the Nishanwala confederacy:

Lepel H. Griffin writes:[1]

The Sikhs of Lidhran and Sunti were members of the powerful Nishanwala confederacy, which, under Sirdar Sangat Singh, Dassauda Singh, Jai Singh and Mohr Singh, took possession, after the battle of Sirhind, in 1763, of Ambala, Serai Lashkar Khan, Shahabad, Doraha, Lidhran, Amloh and Sunti complained bitterly to the Agent of the Governor General at Dehli of the tyranny of the Nabha Raja, who treated them as his vassals, demanded constant service, from the former fifty and from the latter seventy horse, and harassed them with numerous requisitions with which it was most irksome to comply, and which the Raja had no right to make as they were not his vassals at all. The Political Agents to whom the question was referred, considered that although the Chiefs should continue to furnish contingents for service to the Raja that they should be protected from his oppression, and that their disputes should be heard and decided by the British Agent at Ambala.*

The Resident did not consider this practicable, as he held the Lidhran and Sunti Sikhs to be dependants of Nabha, and that any interference on the part of the British Government would weaken the position

* Captain Murray to Sir E. Colebrooke 13th September 1827. Acting Resident to Captain Murray 27tli July 1827.

About their origin, Thakur Deshraj writes:

निशान वालिया मिसल

इस मिशल के संस्थापक दो बहादुर जाट - संगतसिंह और मोहरसिंह थे, जो सतलज के निकटवर्ती प्रदेशों में दस हजार सवार इकट्ठे करके जाट राज्य संस्थापित करने की चेष्टा करने लगे। अम्बाले को अपना केन्द्र स्थान बनाया। दूर-दूर तक छापे मार करके धन लाते थे क्योंकि बगैर धन के न राज्य कायम हो सकते हैं, न फौज रखी जा सकती है। एक बार तो मेरठ शहर तक इन्होंने धावा बोला और वहां से बहुत सा धन लूटकर लाये। ये लोग अपनी फौज के साथ निशान रखते थे इसलिए इनकी फौज का नाम निशान वालिया पड़ा। संगतसिंह के मर जाने पर कुल राज्य का भार मोहरसिंह के हाथ आ गया। कुछ समय के पश्चात् महाराज रणजीतसिंह ने दीवान मोहमकचन्द को इसलिए इनके देश में भेजा कि वह युद्ध के बान निशान वालिया राज्य को अपने राज्य में मिला लें। निशान वालिया सिक्खों ने मोहकमचन्द का डटकर सामना किया किन्तु वे हार गए और किला अम्बाला मोहकमचन्द के हाथ पड़ गया। खजाना और वस्तु-भंडार लूट लेने के बाद महाराज रणजीतसिंह ने इस राज्य को अपने राज्य में मिला लिया। इस तरह निशान वालिया का भी अन्त हो गया। [2]


During the invasions they led the army as an advance guard with the insignia of the Panth. Their strong hold was Ambala. They got Lakhs of Rupees annually as the share of the Government. Singhwala, Khanna, Doraha, Sandm, Zika, Ambala, Jhoran, Shahabad and Lashkari Khan were their Parganas. It was captured and annexed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in his empire with Lahore as capital and the government was known as Lahore Durbar.

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