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Location of Patoda in Sikar district

Patoda (पाटोदा) is a village in Laxmangarh tahsil, Sikar district in Rajasthan.


Its ancient name, mentioned in Harsha Inscription 961 AD (L-34, L-37), was Patta-Badaka (पट्ट-बड़क) / Pattabadaka (पट्टबड़क) . It was a vishaya (pragana) of Burdak Chauhans. [1]

Harsha Inscription 961 AD (L-34, L-37) reveals that Chauhan ruler Simharaja donated villages Ekalaka, Krisānukūpa and Urusara from Pattabadaka paragana.

Patoda was thikana of Sikar Rao Raja Shiv Singh Shekhawat.

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  1. Early Chauhan Dynasties, by Dasharatha Sharma, pp.227-228.

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