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Location of Purulia in West Bengal

Purulia, also known as "Manbhum", is a city located in West Bengal state, India.


Purulia is located on the north of the Kasai river and is a major road and railway junction. Purulia is located at 23.33°N 86.37°E. It has many major rivers such as the Damodar, Subernarekha, Kangsabati, and Kumari. The portion of the Ajodha range located in Purulia is the starting point of the Chhotta Nagpur Plateau.


Pre Historic Times Tagged as one of the oldest known districts known in West Bengal. According to the Jaina Bhagavati-Sutra, the place existed as early as 5th century and was one of the 16 Mahajanapadas of its time. It is believed that Purulia was a part of the country known as Vajra-bhumi, in ancient times.

Manbhum was extremely large in size and constituted of Bankura and Burdwan (in the present West Bengal), apart from Dhanbad, Dhalbhum, Saraikela and Kharswan (in the present Jharkhand and Orissa).

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