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Tejaji goes to Rajal's sasural Tabiji

Tabeeji or Tabiji (तबीजी) is a village in Ajmer tahsil and district in Rajasthan.

Jat Gotras



When Tejaji was on way to village Tabiji to bring his sister Rajal, he was attacked by Meena sardar. Tejaji inserted the bhala in ground and challenged the enemies to take it out. Enemies could not do it and ran away. There was a war and Tejaji was victorious. He reached village Tabiji, got permission of her sister's husband Jogaji Siyag and brought Rajal to Kharnal. [1]

Notable persons

  • Rajal - sister of Tejaji was married in this village. Jogaji Sihag was his father-in-law.
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  2. चौधरी रामचंद्र तबीजी- अजमेर मेरवाड़ा के जाट सेवक[3]

Dr C B Gaina


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