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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (Retd.)

Thatha Bhadia (1200 AD) was a Chieftain of Bhadia clan of Thathawata (Churu) in Rajasthan.



Kishananu Pakka Johad of Thathawata

Bhadia Jats founded villages Thathawata in Churu district. About 800 years back the founder of the village Thatha Bhadia left charagahas on all sides of the village in the name of his family members. In the east side of village left Kishananu, which is now site of a Pakka Johad. In the north he left Ramani, which has now been occupied by harijans from the village. In the south he left Goganu and Rukhani. In west left Ukalai and Hiranu. All these are common lands used for grazing of the cattle.

Banthod and Rol villages in Sikar district were also founded by Bhariya Jats. Banthod is probably biggest village of Bhadias with about 200 families. Some families went to Khotia village from Banthod.

The village Sonasar (Jhunjhunu) was founded by Sona Ram Jat of Bhadia gotra in year 1616 who gave the name Sonasar to the village. We find mention of Bhariya in following Inscriptions:

  • Nadol Inscription of year Vikram Samvat 1233 (1176 AD)
  • Lalrai Shantinath Temple Inscription of 1176 AD
  • Lalrai Jaina Temple Inscription of 1176 AD

Bhariya is also a village in Sarada tahsil in Udaipur District in Rajasthan.

There is a a need to further search and link the Bhadia clan history.

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