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Ulha (उल्हा)[1] Ulhan (उल्हन)[2][3] is a gotra of Jats. [4]


It is said to be originated from mahapurusha named Ulhana (उल्हन).[5]

Jat clans Namesake


Rajatarangini[7] tells us ... Rilhana became the enemy of Sujji, on account of his matrimonial alliance with Kamaliya and others and on account of his own prowess. But through a slight cause, a division arose between Rilhana and Kamaliya and others, and soon the difference increased a hundred-fold. Ulhana, son of Sahadeva, soon incited the naturally proud Rilhana by evil advices which stirred his vanity and inspired him with a spirit of opposition. The king is ungrateful, he tolerates equality between Kamaliya and others and ourselves.(p.183)

Rajatarangini[8] tells us ... Sujji consulted the king and became desirous of reconciling Rilhana with the sovereign. But Sanjapala, who along with Sujji had devoured the king's treasures, thus spoke to the king : — " ! King ! It is at the instigation of Ulhana and others and through his own pride that Sujji is holding up his head. (p.185) (UlhanaUlha)

Rajatarangini[9] tells us ... Sanjapala further says that you are desirous that Ulhana, lord of Dvara, should have supreme power in strengthening the kingdom, and that Sujji should be allowed full powers in dealing with Rilhana.(p.186) (UlhanaUlha)

Rajatarangini[10] tells us ... Sanjapala, who had arrived at that place of disturbance, was speedily sent by the king to destroy Rilhana and Ulhana. Rilhana apprehended that Sanjapala had fled from the road ; and arrived after wandering about the banks of the Kshiptika. (p.192)

Rajatarangini[11] tells us ...And then, Sajjala son of Sujji, Shvetika, son of Sujji's elder brother, and the son of Ulhana were thrown into prison with him. Thus when the king and the minister were under the influence of the wicked, this commotion happened in the year 9 (=1133 AD), on the fifth bright lunar day of summer. [VIII (i), p.194]


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