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Badedongar (बड़े डोंगर) is a village in Farasgaon tahsil of Kondagaon district in Chhattisgarh.




It is situated 16km away from sub-district headquarter Farasgaon (tehsildar office) and 118km away from district headquarter Jagdalpur. According to Census 2011 information the location code or village code of Badedongar village is 449020. Badedongar village is located in Farasgaon tehsil of Bastar district in Chhattisgarh, India. As per 2009 stats, Badedongar village is also a gram panchayat. The total geographical area of village is 3082.39 hectares. Farasgaon is nearest town to badedongar for all major economic activities, which is approximately 16km away.[1]


The different dynasties or rulers of the Bastar region are Nalas (350-760 AD), Chalukya (1324-1777 AD), Nagas (760-1324 AD), Bhonsle (1777-1853 AD) and British (1853-1947 AD). Also, the capitals of this particular region at different times in history are Chitapur, Dantewada, Rajpur, Bade-Dongar, Bastar, Rajnagar , Jagdalpur, Mandhota and Barsur.[2]

Dongar is a place where according to custom the present Rajas go to be crowned. Here one of the queens, whose finger was chopped of by royal order and who ventured to inform her father, writing the letter with the blood BO wantonly spilt, was buried alive. The pit, which is still pointed out, was once disturbed by a greedy Raja of the same family , who also brought down the temple of Narayanpal and some others in search of supposed buried treasure.[3]

The other three inscriptions are at Dongar ; they are written in Hindi. Two of them are dated in Samvat 1836, or A.D. 1783, and refer to a visit of Raja Daryaodeva in order to quell a local rebellion. The third is dated in Samvat 1928, or A.D. 1871, and records the pattabhisheka ceremony of Bhairamadevaj the father of the present ruler.[4]



Badedongar has a total population of 4,667 peoples, out of which male population is 2,361 while female population is 2,306. Literacy rate of badedongar village is 65.22% out of which 75.56% males and 54.64% females are literate. There are about 1,012 houses in badedongar village. Pincode of badedongar village locality is 494228.[5]

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