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Bahniwal (बहनीवाल) is a Gotra of the Sikh Jats[1]. It is spelling variant of the Hindu Jat Gotra of Beniwal.



H.A. Rose[2] writes that Bahniwal(बहनिवाल), a Jat tribe, found chiefly in Hissar and Patiala. They are also found on the lower Sutlej in Montgomery, where in 1881 they probably returned themselves as Bhatti Rajputs, which they claim to be by descent. In Hissar they appear to be a Bagri tribe, though they claim to be Deswali, and to have been Chauhans of Sambhar in Rajasthan whence they spread into Bikaner and Sirsa. Mr. Purser says of them:— "In numbers they are weak; but, in love of robbery they yield to none of the tribes." They gave much trouble in 1857. In the 15th century the Bahniwal held one of the six cantons into which Bikaner was then divided.

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Mansa district

Behniwal Mansa, Fatta Maluka (फट्टा मलूका)

Notable persons

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