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Author of this article is Laxman Burdak लक्ष्मण बुरड़क
Location of Balsamand in Nagaur district

Baldoo (बल्दू) (Baldu) is a village in Ladnu tehsil of Nagaur district in Rajasthan.


Gaina Jats


From the history of Gana Jats we know that Gaina Jats are found in Marwar region of Rajasthan. According to Thakur Deshraj they were rulers of some republics in Didwana region in Nagaur. Probably a group of Johiya Jats was known as Gaina.

Bardu stone image inscriptions of Gaina Jats 1077, 1757 AD

There is a village called Bardu (बड़दू) in Didwana area in which a marble stone image inscription bears a portrait of Jat chieftain named Kisna Ram Gaina, who has been shown carrying weapons and side by side is statue of his wife Sati Rani Rama. This inscription bears date as chait badi 6 samvat 1814 (1757 AD). They seem to have ruled here for many centuries. There is also a statue of a Gaina girl that bears date jeth badi samvat 1134 (1077 AD). She died here after her only son died in a war fighting bravely against muslim enemies from Sindh. For some reasons she stayed with her father in his house. [1]

M K Azad writes about Jhajhra clan that the Jhajara Jats of Dhankoli developed differences with local thakur and left Dhankoli to village Baldu (tahsil:Ladnu). But, later Gangoji Tetarwal brought them back to Dhankoli in samvat 1968.[2]

Jat gotras

भाखर गोत्र के इतिहास में

भाखर गोत्र के प्रमुख निकास स्थल व थान[3]:

गढ़ आबू (निकास वि.सं 1260= 1203 ई.) → सांभर निकास → अजमेर निकास → सिद्धमुख निकास → ददरेवा निकास → तीबो डोडो थान (?) → भाखरोली थानलाडनू थानबलदु थानकीचक थानफोगड़ी थानखाखोली थानमोडावट थानफागल्वा थानरुल्याणा थान → बरड़वा थानरातगो थानआजड़ोली थानडकावा थानसुनथली थान (?) → घस्सू थानथोरासी थान

भाखर गोत्र के बसने और विस्थापन का क्रम[4]:

गढ़ आबू (वि.सं 1260= 1203 ई.) → सांभरभाखरोली (वि.सं 1263= 1206 ई.) → ददरेवा (वि.सं 1360= 1303 ई.) → बलदु (वि.सं 1420= 1363 ई.) → कीचक (वि.सं 1499= 1442 ई.) → मोडावट (वि.सं 1512= 1455 ई.) → फागल्वा (वि.सं 1670= 1613 ई.) → सिगड़ोला छोटा (वि.सं 1954= 1897 ई.) → रुल्याणा माली (वि.सं 1956= 1899 ई.)


4268 (Male: 2194, Female: 2074) ( 2001 Census)[5]

Notable persons

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