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Bhamavad (भामनवाद) (Bhamawad) is a village in Kumbhraj tehsil in Guna district in Madhya Pradesh.


Raghogarh was dominion of Khichi Chauhans. Hindupat Raja Lal Singh (1673-97 A.D.) was the founder of the State of Raghogarh. Raja Lal Singh resided in Jharkon in Ahirwara in Pargana Balabhent where he found a 'saptdhat' statue of Rama (Raghu) on the top of a hill. He established this statue in the fort palace of Raghogarh in V. 1734 (1677 A.D.) (Magh Sudi 5) on an elevation in the village of Kotda.

Gugor Fort - Chhabra Gugor or Gugor was always prone to be invaded by the Hadas from Baran. The Kheechi rulers had been on the lookout for a more suitable and central place to make it their third capital after they had ruled from Gugor for a period of 400 years. With the transfer of the capital toRaghogarh, Gugor was added to the Thikana of Chhabra which came to be called Chhabra Gugor, as it is known at present.

Lal Singh was a brave warrior and built mansions and temples, dug tanks and baories and laid garden. He gave land to temples. Lal Singh was the son of Raja Garibdas. Among his three brothers one got the thikana of Bhamawad, he is ancestor of the Rajas of Garha-Jamner, the second one got Maksudangarh, a branch of Raghogarh and Ajab Singh got Guna.

In Bhamavad there is a platform on which is installed a statue of Tejaji on his horse. [1]

Tejaji Fair: A fair known as Tejaji Fair is being held at Bhamavad in Guna district for about last 100 years or so.[2]

तेजाजी मेला

भामावद (गुना) - भामावद, तहसील कुंभराज, जिला गुना में तेजाजी मंदिर में हर साल तेजा दशमी को मेला लगता है।

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