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Location of Bhusawar in Bharatpur District

Bhusawar (भुसावर) is a village in Wair tehsil of Bharatpur district in Rajasthan.



The Founders

Bhusania Jats.


Bhoosania (भूसनिया) Bhusania (भूसनिया) Bhusaniya (भूसनिया) gotra of Jats started after place named Bhusawar (भुसावर). [1]

In January 1709 Churaman entered into an agreement with Jay Singh, looking to the possibilities of victory of Rajputs in wars of Sambhar and Kaman and Bahadurshah’s intention to compromise with them. Under the garb of agreement Churaman intensified his campaign to abolish Rajput Zamindars and capturing back the Jat areas occupied by Kachwahas. He succeeded in getting back Sogar, Bhusawar, Kaman, Khohari, Kot, Khunthare, Ithera, Jadila and Chaugdara.

Jat Gotras


Notable Persons

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