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Veerbhan (वीरभान) or Brehbhan (ब्रेहभान) is gotra of Jats dwelling in Ghaziabad, Bulandshahar, (Uttar Pradesh) Jhunjhunu Rajasthan, Haryana .

The Veerbhan gotra is a variation of Brehbhan, which evolved to Veerbhan in some families. Brehbhan is a small gotra not widespread. It seems there may be only one or two villages with this gotra. It seems that Joon, Brehbhan (Veerbhan) gotras are branch of Solanki/Ahlawat Jat gotras.


The origin of this gotra is from Gochhi/Dighal. The founders of village Duhai moved there from Gochhi/Dighal about 150 years ago and started the Brehbhan (Veerbhan) gotra.

Notable persons from this gotra

  • Ravi Chaudhary - Internet historian based at Toronto, Canada. He is from village Duhai.
  • CH.Baljeet Singh Renowned Academician,P G in History & Urdu,Founder Member of Jat Heroes College ,Baraut,Principal M M H College Ghaziabad was from village Duhai .His family is known as family of Academicians & Intellectuals.
  • CH.Karan Singh Renowned Academician was from village Duhai.
  • Dr.Tanuj veerbhan working with Yash Birla Group,He is from village Duhai.
  • Ch.Jagveer Singh Renowned Academician
  • Ch.Harveer singh Renowned Academician
  • Naveen Veerbhan Engineer working with Parshwanath Group.
  • Anuj veerbhan Research scientist.
  • Vivek Veerbhan, Manager-India lead with a Swiss based multinational company.
  • Rajesh Chaudhary ,Sr General Manager with US multinational co.

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