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Chhara (छारा) is a big village, situated in Jhajjar district, between Jhajjar and Sampla towns.

Jat Gotras

Jat Gotra in the village is Dalal (दलाल). There are some families of Thakran gotra also.


Ram Swarup Joon[1] writes that....Dalal is a very small gotra as compared to the Mann and Sihag gotras of which it is a branch. There are 12 villages of Dalals including Chhara, Mandothi and Ashoda. People belonging to this gotra inhabit the Chiefs of Kuchesar in district Bulandshahr also belong to the same gotra in that area about 12 villages.

Notable persons

  • Hardwari Lal hailed from this village. Hardwari Lal remained MLA for a long time, both in Punjab and Haryana, also the Member of Parliament from Rohtak Constituency in 1990-95. He was Education Minister in the cabinet of Rao Birender Singh. He was an educationist and was later appointed as Vice Chancellor of Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak.
  • Surinder Singh (commando) MLA Delhi Cantt 2013 and 2015

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