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Dadar (दादर) Dadad (दादड़) Dadiye (दड़िये)[1] Dariye (दड़िये)[2] is gotra of Jats in Afghanistan.[3]


Mention by Panini

Dardurika (दार्दुरिक) is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [8]


In the Behustun Inscription King Darius says: An Armenian named Dâdarši, my servant, I sent into Armenia, and I said unto him: 'Go, smite that host which is in revolt and does not acknowledge me.' Then Dâdarši went forth. When he came into Armenia, the rebels assembled and advanced against Dâdarši to give him battle. At a place in Armenia called Zuzza they fought the battle. Ahuramazda brought me help; by the grace of Ahuramazda did my army utterly overthrow that rebel host. On the eighth day of the month Thûravâhara (20 May 521 BC) the battle was fought by them.[9]

H. W. Bellew [10] writes that The ancient Dadikai country, of which the capital is now probably represented by the town of Dadar, near the entrance to the Bolan Pass from the side of India.

Notable persons

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