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Ghatwal (घटवाल)[1][2] is gotra of Jats in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. [3]


This gotra originated from place named Ghatial (घटियाल). [4]


H.A. Rose[5] writes that Ghatwal (घटवाल) were one of the Jat tribes of the South-East Punjab. They trace their origin from Garh Ghazni, and place that city in the Deccan and not in Afghanistan. They claim descent from Sarohas . Their head-quarters are at Ahulana in the Gohana tahsil of Rohtak, and they occupy the country between it and the Jumna, being numerous in the north of Delhi and to the south of Karnal. Ahulana is said to have been founded 22 generations ago, and gives its name to theHaulania faction. The Ghatwal are often called Malak, a title they are said to have obtained as follows : —

"In the old days of Rajput ascendancy the Rajputs would not allow Jats to cover their heads with a turban, nor to wear any red clothes, nor to put a crown (mor) on the head of their bridegroom, or a jewel(nat) in their women's noses. The Ghatwals obtained some successes over the Rajputs, especially over the Mandahars of the doah near Deoban and Manglaur, and over those of the Bagar near Kalanaur and Dadri, and removed the obnoxious prohibitions.

[Page-285]: They thus acquired the title of Malak (master) and a red turban as their distinguishing- mark ; and to this day a Jat with a red pagri is most probably a Ghatwal."

Mr. Fanshawe says that the title is a mere nickname conferred by a malik or chief called Rai Sāl ; yet in Rohtak they appear generally to be called malak rather than Ghatwal.* In Jind the Ghatwal reverence Bairagis as their jatheras. In Hissar the Brahmans of Depāl are their parohits to this day, because their ancestor rescued the only surviving woman of the tribe, after the Rajputs of Kalanaur had blown up all the rest of the Ghatwals, who had defeated them.

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