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Location of Gopalgarh in Bharatpur district

Gopalgarh (गोपालगढ़) is township and site of Jat Fort in tehsil and district Bharatpur of Rajasthan. PIN: 321001




The Siege of Deeg (May, 1775-April, 1776)

K. R. Qanungo [1] mentions.... Mirza Nazaf Khan had withdrawn his main army to Farah (on the bank of the Jamuna, half-way between Mathura and Agra) from the neighbourhood of Deeg during the rainy season, leaving only a small detachment to watch the enemy. At the end of the rains he started to resume the siege and pitched his camp at a distance of one kos and a half from the Kama gate. He passed some days in reconnoitring the defences of the fort; his heart misgave himat the closer view of its strength. So numerous were the guns and matchlockmen manning its walls that Deeg appeared to him a living volcano, every inch of which seemed to emit fire and send forth an inexhaustible flood of molten lead. The fortifications were so extensive that his whole army was considered hardly sufficient to blockade effectively even one side of it. At last his soldier's eye descried the Achilles's heel in this apparently invulnerable monster of war. He assigned the task of erecting batteries against the Shah Burj (where the ditch terminated) to half his men, and himself with the other half besieged Gopalgarh12 to cover their operations [Ibratnama, MS. p. 274]. The soldiers in their batteries dug trenches to protect themselves from the galling fire of artillery and musketry from the walls of Deeg. Several thousand Naga foot-soldiers were encamped in the

12. It is interesting to observe that in 1804 Lord Lake also did exactly the same at the siege of Deeg : "On the right of our battery [against Shah Burj] was Gopalgarh an old mudfort .... crowded with matchlockmen who by their constant firing annoyed working parties very much and did us considerable damage." [Memoir of the War in India - Thorn, p. 408].

[p.168]: intervening ground between Deeg and Gopalgarh.

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