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Location of Gogera in Okara

Gugera or Gogera (Urdu: گوگيره‎), is a town and union council of Okara District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.


It is located at 30°58'4N 73°18'24E with an altitude of 166 metres and lies to the north-west and 25 kms away from the district capital - Okara.

Jat clans


Alexander Cunningham [1] writes that The village of Akbar is situated on the high-road leading from Lahor to Multan, at 6 miles to the south-west of Gugera, and 80 miles from Lahor. The ruins of the old town, which stand close to the village, consist of a large mound 1000 feet square, with a small castle 200 feet square, and 7-5 feet high at its northern end ; and a second low mound 800 feet long, and 400 feet broad at the southern end. It must be a place of great antiquity, as I found many bricks of very large size, 20 by 10 by 3½ inches, such as have not been manufactured for many centuries past. The place was deserted until about A.D. 1823, when Gulab Singh Povindia established the present village of Akbar. The old name is now utterly lost, which is much to be regretted, as the number of moulded bricks found amongst the ruins show that the place must have contained buildings of some architectural consequence.

Gogera remained administrative head until the capital was shifted to (Montgomery), now Sahiwal district. Lord Burkley's grave is at Gogera who was the commissoner of Gogera and was killed after mutiny.

Kharal - The Kharal are a tribe of both Rajput & Jatt origin. They are Jaanglis, and speak the Jaangli dialect of Punjabi. Rae Ahmed Nawaz Khan Kharal, a Kharal from Gogera is famous for rebelling against the British, in 1857. The Kharals are native to the region around the Ravi River, majority live in towns like Baman Bala, Chuchak, Gogera, Satghara, Jaboka etc., and can also be found on the other side of the river, in Sheikhupura, Faisalabad & Toba Tek Singh districts. Their sub clans include the Jakhars and Jurreras. They use the prefix "Rai".

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