Haryanavi Folk Lore

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Introduction to Haryanavi Folklore

Haryana, the lotus land, the birth place of vedic literature, the place where Lord Krishna gave the Gospel of Gita is not only known for its rich cultured heritage but also has a distinct place for its rich folk lore. This is the place of Aryan-Dravidian synthesis. The ancient route of Saraswati was a center of learning; sitting on its banks, scholars and thinkers gave shape to the most advanced cultural concept known as vedic culture. From vedic period until Pauranic age thousands of scriptures were created on this ancient land known as 'Brahma Varta', 'Arya Varta' and later 'Kurukshetra'.

This enriched cultural heritage has been preserved down the ages through folklore. The legends, ballads, ritual ballads, folk tales and thousands of folk songs prevalent in the region truly represent its cultural heritage.

There are a number of folk forms of entertainments prevalent in Haryana. A number of varied media of entertainment are preserved by its people.

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