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Jasrayji Tard, the founder of Jasrasar village
Barodi Bhawan where Jasrayji Tard founded Jasrasar

Jasraiji Tard (जसरायजी तरड) (born samvat 1391) was the founder of village Jasrasar Bikaner (जसरासर) in Nokha tehsil in Bikaner district in Rajasthan. It is the main village of Tard gotra. All the Tarad Gotra Jats are considered to be originated from Village Jasrasar.

Origin of Tarar

Origin of Tarad is their epi-person named Tarwar (तरवर). His descendant Dudoji founded village Duder.


Jasrasar village was founded in samvat 1411 by Jasrai Tarad (born samvat 1391). Earlier Johiya Rajputs were inhabitants of this area. This area earlier was known as Janjira. There is an ancient well here of that period which provides drinking water.

The Johiya Rajputs invited these people to settle here for cultivation. But they wanted to settle at Malasar. They came here and settled here on the request of Johiyas. There was a war between Johiyas and Tard Jats on the dispute of name of grandmother of Johiyas that was Lawari (लावरी). Jats kept the name of their bitch as Lawari. In this war all Tarad Jats were killed except a woman who had gone to brahman’s house and was saved.

Revival from Jasrai

Jasrai was of three years at that time. When he became 18 years of age brahmans reminded to take revenge. Her mother was daughter of Sihags of Pallu who were in power at that time. They came to take revenge on 150 horses and camped at village Sadhasar talab. The brahmans on the occasion of holi offered the Johiyas wine and when they were over drunk the Tard Jats killed them all. The site of Barodi Bhawan at present was a tibari. They all settled here and named the village Jasrasar after Jasrai Tarad. The wife of Jasrai was of Rad Gotra from village Gudha in Nagaur.

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