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Location of Kagaraul in Agra district map

Kagarol (कागारोल) or Kagaraul (कागारोल) is a village of Chahar/Solanki Khap in Kheragarh tahsil in Agra district in Uttar Pradesh.

Jat Gotras


Kagarol has a total population of 13,366 peoples. There are about 2,054 houses in Kagarol village.[1]


In the Archaeological Survey of India Report for the year 1871-72, A.C.L. Carlleyle says about the image of a Ror warrior found at the site of Kaga Ror or Kagarol:[2]

The features of the face are fine and manly, of the handsomest Hindu type. The warrior has his right knee raised; on his right arm he presents a shield in defense and in the left hand he brandishes a straight sword of huge dimensions over his head. In a belt round his waist he wears a dagger with a cross-shaped hilt at his left side. The hair of the head is full but drawn back in straight lines on the head. Evidently, its a figure of a warrior of great strength.

Notable persons

  • Prof. Gurudutt Solanki - Former MLA from Uttar Pradesh. He was married to Satya, the eldest daughter of Chaudhary Charan Singh.[3]
  • Kanhi Singh Kagarol
  • Smt Mahendra Kunwari (1901-2011) - Social worker and freedom fighter from Nagla Jodhna village of Kagarol died on 30 July 2011. She was wife of late Th. Devendra Singh urf Munna Singh Mukhiyaji. She was born in the famous Thenua Royal family of Raja Mahendra Pratap in village Kila Gwalra (किला ग्वालरा). She took part in Freedom movement of India. She was convenor of Kagarol Arya Samaj. She did marvelous job in the field of women empowerment as President of Uttar Pradesh Mahila Sabha. [4]


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