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Genealogy of Suryavansha

Koyad (कोयड़) Koyar (कोयड़) Koid (कोइड़) Koir (कोइड़) is Gotra of Jats found in Uttar Pradesh. [1]


They are descendents of Suryavanshi King named Kuvalayashva (कुवलयाश्व). [2]


These people get their gotra from apical person Suryavanshi King named Kuvalyashwa (कुवल्याश्व) or Kuvalayashva (कुवलयाश्व) (Dhundhumara). [3]

Bhagavata Purana [4] mentions ancestry of Kuvalayasva as under:

Ikshvaku → Vikukshi (Śaśāda)(+Nimi + 98 other sons) → Puranjaya (Indra vahu Kakutstha) → AnenaPrithuVisvagandhiChandraYuyanashva → Srāvasta (He built the town Sravasti) → BrihadasvaKuvalayasva (Dhundhumara)

With his 21 thousand sons, Kuvalayasva killed an Asura called Dhundhu, for the good of Rishi Utanka. But the Asura killed all his sons, except three, with fire from his mouth. Those three were Dridhāsva, Kapilāsva and Bhadrāsva.

Kuvalayasva (or Dhundhumara) → Dridhasva (+ Kapilasva + Bhadrasva) → HaryasvaNikumbhaBahulasvaKrisasvaSenajitYuvanasva

We find mention of King Kuvalyáśwa in Vishnu Purana also. Dhundu is a very evil Asura or demon. Dhundu harassed the pious sage Uttanka very much. King Kuvalyaswa was inspired by Lord Vishnu to destroy this demon. One thousand sons of the king helped him to kill Dhundu but all of them were killed by the fiery breath of Dhundu except three. [5] The King Dhundhu hid himself beneath a sea of sand which Kuvalyáśwa and his sons dug up, undeterred by the flames which checked their progress, and finally destroyed most of them. [6]

Kuwāla in Sind

Our search for places related with King Kuvalyáśwa shows that there is place called Kuwāla in Sind, which may probably related with Kuvalyáśwa. Kuwāla is place situated in Tharparkar, Sind, Pakistan, its geographical coordinates are 24° 21' 0" North, 70° 54' 0" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Kuwāla.[7] This seems correct because the look on this map of Tharparkar shows that there is a place in north of Kuwāla called Nawa Unt Ka Palia which probably is the place associated with sage Uttanka.

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

They are found in District Hathras, Agra and Mathura in UP.

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