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Location of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir

Kulgam is a town and district of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located at a distance of 67 km from the summer state capital of Srinagar.


The old Kulgam is situated on the banks of Kaval/Kuval. Kulgam is located at 33°38'24" N 75°01'12" E.

Origin pf name


Kulgam was in the news regarding the recent excavation of a new archaeological site in a nearby village called Kutbal which has yielded signs of having been home to a first-century civilization as some rare artifacts belonging to the period of Kushana kings appeared in Kulgam district. The plateau of Kutbal was once considered a scenic city in the Kushan period. The magnificent stamped tiles, which were excavated from the site, indicated the taste and living standard of the people of first century AD. These excavations speak much of high culture, civic sense, social norms and art of the people living in first century AD. The Kutbal site and its findings, which belong to the Kushana period, are more significant in view of several religious and artistic practices that had flourished then and had travelled to far off places in the subcontinent. Further excavation has been stopped due to prevailing political unrest in valley and is believed that further findings will reveal magnificent history of Kashmir.


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