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Lalgarh (लालगढ़) is a village in tehsil Sujangarh of Churu district in Rajasthan. Raja Lal Singh renamed the village about 100 years back in his own name. Hence the name of village became Lalgarh. Earlier its name was Kaniyana.


It is situated at a distance of 57 km from Sujangarh in the southwest direction near the border of Nagaur and Bikaner districts. This is a well-connected village by road from Sujangarh or Nagaur.


As per 2001 census the population of the village is 4738 out of which 796 are SCs.


Maharaja Ganga Singh had developed a bagichi in the village, which has temples of Shivaji, Balaji and Santoshimata. Outside the village there is a good forest of 150 bighas. There is abundance of deers in and around this forest. An annual fair of cattles is organized every year in the village, which is main source of getting Nagauri variety of bulls.

Jat Gotras

There are 1000 families residing in the village out of them 400 families are of Jats. The Jat Gotras as listed above. This is a well deveoped and educated village. Half of the Jats are in Jobs. The people of this village took leading role in reservation movement for Jats.

Other castes

Brahman, Kumhar, Rajput, Meghwal, Muslim, Bhanoya, Bhat, Nayak, Kanjar, Nai, Swami, Saad, Khati, Luhar, Bhawari, Suthar, Guruda, Sunar, Banjara etc.

Notable persons

  • Nawalaram Jangoo, Jaisaram Lomrod and Nanuram Jajada have played important role for the development of the village.
  • Jasuram Dhaka - Sarpanch
  • Bhagwan Ram Lomrod - Sarpanch
  • Shivcharan Tapdia, the famous Industrialist was born in this village.
  • उदयराम गुरडा, लादूराम लोहमरोड़ नि. लालगढ़:स्वतंत्रता सेनानी, प्रजा परिषद् की गतिविधियों में सक्रीय भाग लिया.[1]

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