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Location of Gudha Malani in Barmer District

Gudha Malani (गुढा मालानी) is a town and tehsil in Barmer district. Its PIN Code is Gudha Malani-344031. The Malani region was known as Radadhara (राड़धरा) or Lataharda (लाटर्हद) in ancient times.


The Founders

Malani or Mallani clan is found in Afghanistan.[1]

According to James Tod Mallani are Chauhans.


Malani (मालानी) is the name of region around this town in Barmer district in Rajasthan. The western part of present Barmer district is known as Malani. It was a border district of the princely state of Jodhpur prior to Independence. Adjoining this area is the Sindh province of Pakistan. Its extent was in a length of 100 miles from Jasol to Sindh and 75 miles wide. This pargana had 503 villages. [2]

James Tod[3] writes that Nagar Gurha. — Between Barmer and Nagar-Gurha on the Luni is one immense continuous thal, or rather rui, containing deep jungles of khair, or kher, khejra, karil, khep, phog, whose gums and berries are turned to account by the Bhils and Kolis of the southern districts. Nagar and Gurha are two large towns on the Luni , on the borders of the Chauhan raj of Suigam, and formerly part of it.

James Tod[4] writes that Juna Chhotan, or the ' ancient ' Chhotan, though always conjoined in name, are two distinct places, said to be of very great antiquity, and capitals of the Hapa sovereignty. But as to what this Hapa Raj was, beyond the bare fact of its princes being Chauhan, tradition is now mute. Both still present the vestiges of large cities, more especially Juna, ' the ancient,' which is enclosed in a mass of hills, having but one inlet, on the east side, where there are the ruins of a small castle which defended the entrance. There are likewise the remains of two more on the summit of the range. The mouldering remnants of mandirs (temples), and baoris (reservoirs), now choked up, all bear testimony to its extent, which is said to have included twelve thousand habitable dwellings ! Now there are not above two hundred huts on its site, while Chhotan has shrunk into a poor hamlet. At Dhoriman, which is at the farther extremity of the range in which are Juna and Chhotan, there is a singular place of worship, to which the inhabitants flock on the tij, or third day of Sawan of each year. The patron saint is called Alandeo, through whose means some grand victory was obtained by the Mallani. The immediate objects of veneration are a number of brass images called Aswamukhi, from having the ' heads of horses ' ranged on the top of a mountain called Alandeo. Whether these may further confirm the Scythic ancestry of the Mallani, as a branch of the Asi, or Aswa race of Central Asia, can at present be only matter of conjecture.

Villages in Gudha Malani tahsil

Aadhtara, Aakli, Aalam Nagar, Aaleti, Aalpura, Aamjar, Aasuon Ki Dhani, Aasupura, Aayeeji Nagar, Adarsh Chhotu, Adarsh Goliya, Adarsh Jogasar, Adarsh Katarla, Adarsh Rameshwar Nagar, Adel, Adel Panji, Ajaniyon Ki Dhani, Alamsar Khurd, Alamsariya, Amarpura, Amliyala, Andaniyon Ki Beri, Andaniyon Ki Dhani, Ankhiyan, Aratwaw, Ardarsh Lookhoo, Ariniyali Mahechan, Arniyali, Bakani Sarnon Ki Dhani, Bamni, Band, Bano Ki Beri, Banta, Baori Khurd, Barasan, Baroodi, Beri Gaon, Berro Ka Pana, Beslaniyon Ka Tala, Bhabhuon Ka Tala, Bhabhuon Ki Beri, Bhadrai, Bhaduon Ki Beri, Bhagbhare Ki Beri, Bhakharpura, Bhali Khal, Bhalisar, Bhalkhari, Bhambhuon Ka Bas, Bhana Magra, Bhaogiriji Ka Meetha, Bharthe Ki Beri, Bhata, Bhatala @ Kharwa, Bhaura, Bhawniyon Ki Dhani, Bhedana, Bhimthal, Bhooka Bhagatsingh, Bhooka Thansingh, Bhookron Ka Tala, Bilasar, Boodhe Ka Tala, Bool, Booth Jetmal, Borcharnan, Budhrani Hudon Ki Dhani, Chainpura, Chak Gudha, Champa Bhakhri, Chandon Ki Dhani, Chodhariyon Ki Dhani, Chootoo, Chorliya Nada, Dabhad, Dabhad Bhatiyan, Dabli, Daboi, Dakhan, Dand, Dandali, Dangariya, Dangawa, Dargura, Dedawas Charnan, Dedawas Jageer, Dedawas Ka Goliya, Deodon Ki Dhani, Deonagar, Der, Dhakon Ka Goliya, Dhandhlawas, Dhanne Ki Dhani, Dhanwa, Dharmpura, Dheemri, Dhelani Nadi, Dhobali, Dhola Nada, Dholi Nadi, Dholpaliya Nada, Dhooriya Motisingh, Dhooriyawas, Dhorimanna, Disantrinari, Doodasar, Doodhu, Doodiya Kalan, Dudapur, Ed Amarsingh, Ed Manji, Ed Sindari, Evadi Bhimji, Evadi Chauseera, Evadi Manji, Gadesara, Gadevi, Gadra, Galanadi, Gandhaw Kalan, Gandhaw Khurd, Gangli, Genaniyon Ka Tala, Ghanchida, Girli Charnan, Girli Kitpal, Godaron Ka Tala, Godaron Ki Beri, Godaron Ki Beri, Godaron Ki Dhani, Goliya Garwa, Goliya Jeewraj, Goliya Jetmal, Goliya Kalan, Goliya Maheechan, Goramaniyon Ki Dhani, Gudhamalani, Guneshaniyon Ki Dhani, Guruon Ka Tala, Hajaniyon Ki Dhani, Heraj Ka Gol, Himmatnagar, Hirken Ka Than, Hodoo, Hudon Ka Tala, Hukmani Khoton Ki Dhani, Jagram Ki Dhani, Jakhron Ki Dhani, Jal Beri, Jali Khera, Jambhaji Ka Mandir, Jananiyon Ki Dhani, Janiyon Ki Beri, Janiyon Ki Dhani, Jeewaniyon Ki Dhani, Jemlani Sarnon Ka Tala, Jeroo Paniyon Ka Tala, Jhakarra, Jharokha, Jogasar, Joona Khera, Joona Meetha Kheera, Joonakhera, Jooni Undari, Joori, Jugtaniyon Ki Dhani, Kabooli, Kadanari, Kagon Ki Dhani, Kakron Ki Dhani, Kamthai, Kandhi Ki Dhani, Kao Ki Beri, Kardali Nadi, Karna, Katarla, Katarla Khileriyan, Kehrani Sarnon Ka Tala, Kerala Pana, Kerliwas, Khadali, Khadiyali Nadi, Khar Ki Beri, Khara Mahechan, Kharad, Khard Beri, Khardiya, Khari, Khariya Khurd, Kharodi, Kharwa, Kheecharo Ka Was, Khoobri Beri, Khoome Ki Beri, Khotawas, Khudala, Koja, Koliyana, Kooklon Ki Dhnai, Koora, Koshle Ki Dhani, Koshloo, Kothala, Kumbharon Ki Beri, Kundawa, Lakha Beri, Lakhari Nadi, Lakhoni Godaron Ki Dhani, Lakhoni Meghwalon Ki Dhani, Lala Ki Beri, Lalaniyon Ki Dhani, Laxmanpura, Loharwa, Lohira, Lokholai Nadi, Lolawa, Lolo Ki Beri, Lookhon Ka Nada, Lookhon Ki Dhani, Lookhu, Loombawas, Loona Kalan, Loonwa Charnan, Loonwa Jageer, Machron Ki Dhani, Magha Ki Dhani, Maghani Maghwalon Ki Dhani, Malpura, Manawas, Mandawala, Mangle Ki Beri, Mangta, Manki, Mansingh Ki Beri, Maylon Ki Beri, Meethi, Meethi Beri, Meethiya Tala, Meethiyawas, Meethra Khurd, Meghwalon Ka Tala, Meghwalon Ki Dhani, Meghwalon Ki Dhani, Megwalon Ki Basti, Megwalon Ki Basti, Mehloo, Meyon Ka Tala, Misari Ki Beri, Modaniyon Ki Dhani, Modawas, Mokhawa, Mokhawa Khurd, Moodhsar, Motisara, Musalmano Ki Dhaniyan, Musalmanon Ki Dhani, Nagar, Nai Band, Nai Khadali, Nai Undari, Nakora, Narwaton Ka Goliya, Naya Kua, Naya Nagar, Nedi Nari, Neembal Kot, Neembal Nadi, Neembali, Neeriya Nada, Nehron Ka Bera, Nehron Ka Tala, Nehron Ki Dhani, Nehron Ki Dhani Khurd, Nokhra, Pabubera, Pachaniyon Ki Dhani, Padarri, Padarri Khurd, Paliyali, Panal Ki Beri, Panani Dhatarwalon Ki Dhani, Pananiyon Ka Tala, Panawali, Panyla Kalan, Panyla Khurd, Peeprali, Pharrodo Ki Dhani, Phuleri, Pooniyon Ka Tala, Pooniyon Ki Beri, Potliyon Ki Dhani, Pratapnagar, Pujan Beri, Purawa, Radoo, Ramdeora, Ramji Ka Gol, Ramji Ka Golphanta, Ramnagar, Rampura, Ranasar Kalan, Ranasar Khurd, Raneri, Ratanpura, Rathoron Ki Dhani @ Maliyon Ki Dhani, Rawali Nadi, Rawon Ki Beri, Relon Ki Beri, Rohila, Roli, Sadecha, Sagraniyon Ki Beri, Saiyon Ka Goliya, Saiyon Ka Tala, Samdaron Ka Tala, Sanawara Kalan, Sanawara Khurd, Sara, Sara Dhanji, Sara Jhoond, Sareli Ki Dhani, Sarnon Ka Tala, Sarnon Ka Tala, Sauon Ka Goliya, Sauwon Ki Beri, Seelgan, Seeloo, Seoron Ki Dhnai, Shiv Mandir, Shiv Nagar, Shivji Ka Mandir, Shobhala Jetmal, Sidhasawa Harniyan, Sindari @ Ber, Sindari Charnan, Sindari Chaseera, Sindhaswa Chauhanan, Siyago Ki Beri, Siyagon Ki Dhani, Siyagon Ki Dhani Chak No1, Siyolon Ka Der (Peeprali), Siyolon Ki Beri, Siyolon Ki Dhani, Sodhon Ki Dhani, Songaron Ki Dhani, Sudaberi, Sudaberi Khurd, Sunaron Ki Beri, Sunaron Ki Dhaniyan, Surte Ki Beri, Sutharon Ki Beri, Sutharon Ki Dhani, Swamiyon Ki Beri, Tajaniyon Ki Dhani, Takooberi, Teja Ki Dhani, Tejiyaws, Thaon Ki Dhani, Thoriyon Ka Tala, Toonkiya, Uchiya, Udaniyon Ki Dhani, Udasar Barmer, Vanakon Ka Bera, Veermaniyon Ki Dhani, Vishnoiyon Ki Dhani, Wananiyon Ki Beri,

Jat Gotras


The Cairn company has drilled more than 50 oil wells in Gudha Malani, Sindhari, Baytu and Sheo areas of Barmer district. The oil was struck for the first time by the company at Malion Ki Dhani near Bhakharpura Gudha but the well was capped as the reserve was very low. [5]

Notable Jats from Malani

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