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Location of villages around Dhod in Sikar district

Mordoonga (मोरडूंगा) or Mordunga is village, near the border of Nagaur district, in Dhod tehsil of Sikar district in Rajasthan. Presently Mordunga is Gram Panchayat of Three Villages- Mordunga, Mandoli, Sujanpura.


Mordunga village situated at Losal- Salasar Road, 12 km From Losal (North west) and 8 Km From Sahapura (Sikar)(South), 35 km Form Salasar (South), 30 Km from Didwana(East), 36 Km from Sikar (West)


As per records of the bards of Burdak clan, the village was founded by Burdak Jats


Its ancient name, mentioned in Harsha Inscription 961 AD (L-37), was Mayurapura (मयूर-पुरा) / Mayurapadra (मयूरपद्र).

Jat Gotras


Its population as on

  • 2001 is 2,715.
  • 2011 is 3,054.

Notable persons

Mordunga Gram-Panchayat's Jat Sarpanch and Member

  • Gopi Ram Thakan (Mandoli)- Ex-Sarpanch (First Jat Sarpanch - One Time)
  • Teja Ram Chahar (Mandoli)- Ex-Sarpanch (Second Jat Sarpanch- Two Time)
  • Manju Devi (Sujanpura)- Ex-Sarpanch (2010 to 2014)
  • Bhagawani Devi Khokar (Mordunga)- Ex-Panchayat Samitee Member
  • Jagdish Khokar(Mordunga) -Ex-Panchayat Samiti Member
  • Priyanka Devi(Mandoli) - Sarpanch (At Present)


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