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Narwar (नरवार)[1][2] Narwal (नर्वाल) Nirwal (निर्वाल) Narwa (नरवा)[3] [4] Narma (नरमा) is Gotra of Jats in Uttar Pradesh and Pakistan. This gotra is a branch of Chauhans. [5]


Narwars are said to be descendants of Chandravanshi king Narhari (नरहरि) who belonged to Nauhwars. [6]


Nauhwar and Narwar Jats are cousins/brothers. They get Narwar name after Raja Narhari, a great Jat warrior, from Nauhwar clan. Intermarriages are banned in these two gotras

Narwar Pal

Narwar Khap has 25 villages. Narwar Khap has 10 villages in Mathura district 3 villages in Agra district in Uttar Pradesh. [7] The Agra district villages are:Kathwari (कठ्वारी), Bhilawati (भिलावटी), and Nagar (नागर).[8]

नरवार पाल

37. नरवार पाल - यह मथुरा के पास 25 गांवों की खाप है. इसके 3 गांव कठवारी, भिलावटी और नागर जनपद आगरा में पडते हैं. [9]

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Agra district

Pathauli (पथौली), Bhilawati (भिलावटी), Kathmari (कठमारी), Nagar Agra,

Villages in Aligarh district

Baraula, Faridpur Gabhana, Mirpur Dahora,

Villages in Bulandshahr district


Villages in Mathura

Hasanpur Mathura (हसनपुर)

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Bhopal district


Villages in Mandsaur district


Distribution in Pakistan

Narwa/Narma are a Jatt/Rajput Clan in Gujrat, Kashmir, Rawalpindi and Narowal. According to tradition they have descended from Raja Karan whose son is said to have founded other Jat gotra known as Thathal.

Notable Persons

  • Vijendra Singh Narwar - From village Bhilawti (भिलावटी), Agra, Uttar Pradesh. He is honourary editor of Jatbandhu, a monthly magazine being published from Agra.
  • Havaldar Sultan Singh Narvaria - Vir Chakra, aged 42, 2 Rajputana Rifles, Address: Pipri village, Bhind, Chambal, Madhya Pradesh, Havildar Sultan Singh Navaria came from a village which boasts of having sent 25 men to the front. "He died like a king," said Navaria's elder brother Sikandar Singh, a soldier disabled during the IPKF mission in Colombo. Sepoy Ravindra Kumar saluting his uncle Havildar Sultan Singh Navaria's photograph Navaria died on June 13, 1999, while fighting alongside his mates to capture two posts at Tololing peak. Said his nephew Sepoy Ravindra Kumar of the Rajput Regiment: "Although his leg bled from a bullet injury and most of his colleagues lay dead, he refused to give up. He died while chasing some Pakistanis." Navaria is survived by his wife Shiela Devi and their three sons. With over 60 martyrs from the past three wars, the village is known for its traditions of revenge. Said Navaria's sons Devendra and Jitendra, "Hame badle ke liye jaldi bharti hona hai. (We want to join the army quickly to avenge our father's death)[10].
  • Devi Singh Narwar - Awarded the "Jewel of India Award" by India Solidarity Council on 13 March 2009.


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