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Narwal (नरवाल)[1][2] Narwal (नरवाळ) Narwal (नर्वाळ)[3] Narmar (नरमर)[4][5] Narwal (नरवल)[6] [7] Narval (नरवल) is gotra of Jats in Punjab, Haryana,Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan.


It originated from place named Narwal (नरवाल). [8]

Jat Gotras Namesake

Mention by Pliny

Pliny[9] mentions Mesopotamia .... There are writers who say that the Euphrates was drawn off by an artificial channel by the governor Gobares, at the point where we have stated15 that it branches off,16 in order that it might not commit damage in the city of Babylonia, in consequence of the extreme rapidity of its course. The Assyrians universally call this river by the name of Narmalcha17, which signifies the "royal river." At the point where its waters divide, there was in former times a very large city, called Agranis, which the Persæ have destroyed.

15 In B. v. c. 21.

16 This canal, leading from the Euphrates to the Tigris, is by some thought, according to Hardouin, to have been the river Chobar, mentioned in Ezekiel, c. i. v. 3.

17 For Arar-Melik, meaning the "River King," according to Parisot.

Mention by Panini

Nadvan (नड़वान्), nadvala (नड़वल), nadakiya (नड़कीय), is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [10]


Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Sangrur district



Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Muzaffarnagar district


Distribution in Meerut

जिला मेरठ में बढ़ला, तातारपुर, बहादुरपुर[11] (Note : Village Bahadurpur in Meerut has Nirwal gotra. Maybe the author (Dalip Singh Ahlawat) could not differentiate between Narwal and Nirwal. Or are both the gotras same? This has to be checked/ clarified. - --Dndeswal (talk) 15:26, 25 October 2013 (EDT)}

Villages in Aligarh district

Ados, Bhojaka Aligarh, Gadoli Aligarh, Marhala, Mirpur Dahora,

जिला अलीगढ़ में मीरपुर, गादोली, भोजाका, मंढ़ा, झरयाका और मरहला गांव नरवाल जाटों के हैं।[12]

Villages in Bijnor district

जिला बिजनौर में कुम्हैड़ा।[13]

Villages in Mathura

Hasanpur Mathura (हसनपुर)

Villages in Bulandshahr

Jugasana Kalan,

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Jind District

Dhamtan Sahib, जि० जींद में गांव जोशी, चूड़पुर, झमोला 1/3, भड़ताना आदि गांव नरवाल जाटों के हैं। [14]

Villages in Karnal district

Kheri Naru, Chirao, JOSHI,OSSAR(DISST PANIPAT) जि० करनाल में खेड़ी नरू, चड़ावा, भालसी आदि गांव नरवाल जाटों के हैं।[15]

Villages in Kurukshetra District

Ratan garh,

Villages in Rohtak district


Villages in Sonipat district

Banwasa, Kahalpa, Kathura, Rindhana,

Villages in Yamunanagar Distict

Chagnauli, Harnaul, Kalanaur, Pabni Kalan[16] Pansara, Ratanpura,

Distribution in Rajasthan

Village in Pali District


Village in Bhilwara District


Notable Persons

  • Major General Partap Singh Narwal
  • Dharam Singh Narwal - Inspector Income Tax and General Secretary, I.Tax Employees Federation, NW Region(Haryana, Punjab, Himachal, J&K and Chandigarh UT, from Village-Banwasa, now resides at Rohtak, (9468300171)
  • Ram Karan Narwal, Principal, Government of Haryana, from Village Banwasa, now resides at Suncity Rohtak
  • Ch. Dharampal Singh Narwal - (Educationlist from Kathura).
  • Jatin Narwal - IPS from Kathura.
  • Vikas Narwal - IAS, 2008 batch, Collector Katni, M.P., from Kathura, M: 8989785757
  • Surender Singh Narwal - Social Worker/Politician.
  • Naresh Narwal - HCS Haryana, SDM Revenue Haryana Govt. SDM, Hansi, SDM Residence, Hansi, Haryana Ph: 01663-254005 (PP-1018).
  • Sumit Narwal - Cricketer.
  • Virender Narwal - Businessman.
  • Sub/Maj. Tek Ram Narwal (1935-2010) (Rithal-Rohtak) - Social Worker. Awarded by Hon. Governor of Haryana in 2008, Founder Chairman-Rural Education development Society,President (10 years) Tilak Nagar Welfare Society -Rohtak, Founder Member of Jat Bhawan(Rohtak), Jat bhawan was constructed under his supervision, Long time association with Jat Sabha Rohtak.
  • Sh. Ranbir Singh Narwal (Rithal-Rohtak), Chairman - Rural Education Development Society, Director-Dashmesh Academy , C.B.S.E. Observer , President - Sanskrirti Parsar Sabha, President-Sub/Maj Tek Ram Narwal Memorial Trust
  • Yudhveer Singh Narwal - Hockey Player.
  • Barkha Ram - He is esteemed politition from Pansara (Yamunanagar).
  • Ishwar Narwal - Subedar.
  • Manish Narwal - An Indian Para Pistol Shooter. He won a gold medal for India in Mixed P4 – 50 m pistol SH1 in 2020 Summer Paralympics Tokyo.
  • Om Parkash Narwal, IPS - SP Fatehabad
  • Surender Pal, DSP Haryana Police, Karnal.
  • Rajbir Narwal, TV Journalist & CEO in Barocco Broadcasting Compiler Private Limited[BBC] From Kathura Present at Vivekanand Nagar,Bahadurgarh-9467220691, & Media House,Road No.15,Vivekanand Nagar, Bahadurgarh-Haryana
  • Smt. Sudesh Narwal, ASI, Delhi Police, P.S.Mundka
  • Mr. D.S. Narwal - Govt. Service, Delhi Govt, 307, Sec-3, Pocket-1 &2 Dwarka, New Delhi Ph: 011-25071194, 9810168994 (PP-308).
  • Dr. S. S. Narwal - Professor, CCSHAU. Hissar, A-3, CCS Haryana Agriculture Univ., Hisar Haryana, Ph: 01662-238083, E.mail: (PP-916).
  • Karamvir Singh Narwal, Executive Engineer, DDA from Kathura.
  • Sh. Ranbir Singh Narwal (Rithal-Rohtak), Chairman - Rural Education Development Society, Director-Dashmesh Academy , C.B.S.E. Observer , President - Sanskrirti Parsar Sabha, President-Sub/Maj Tek Ram Narwal Memorial Trust
  • Jatin Narwal : IPS 2006 batch , Agmut Cadre, DCP New Delhi, M: 09891671000
  • Pardeep Narwal - Winner Kabaddi World Cup-2016
  • Sandeep Narwal- Winner Kabaddi World Cup-2016
  • Surjit Narwal- Winner Kabaddi World Cup-2016
  • Sanjay Narwal, Inspector, Delhi Police, SHO P.S.Mundka From Kathura
  • Ris Major - Padambir singh Narwal

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