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Location of Behat in Gwalior District

Panihar (पनिहार) is a village and site of Jat Fort in Gwalior tahsil and District in Madhya Pradesh.


Panihar is located at a distance of 22 miles from Gwalior on Agra-Bombay National Highway.


Its history is associated with village Barai. The land of this village was given to Konerao, the Jamata of Narwar King. The was area full of forest at that time which was got cleared with the help of people of Barai caste. The descendants of Konerao ruled for many years. There was a dispute between two brothers Raghunath Singh and Jagannath Singh sons of Raja Suraj Singh. As a result Raja Suraj Singh carved out a separate village called Pani ka har and established a fort there. Mahadji Sindhia occupied this fort in 1765. In 1803 the fort came under Rana Kirat Singh of Gohad. The Jagirdar of this village was authorized to collect tax of 14 villages and deposit with the Gohad state. On 29 December 1803 there was a war at this village under the leadership of Col. Grey when the this fort was lost by Marathas and came under British rulers. [1]

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