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Temple of Dada Ghantal Dev at Rani Khera

Ranikhera (रानीखेड़ा) is a Jat village in Delhi district Narela and Tehsil Kanjhawla.



About 9000.


History says that Dabas gotra Jats settled in village Ranikhera (Chauri) after migrating from Rajasthan in 1366-67.

Temple of Dada Ghantal Dev at Rani Khera

An old famous temple of Dada Ghantal dev is in ancient Jat village of Dabas clan called Rani Khera ,which was named after a Tomar Jat Princess , who was married with a Dabas Jat king , the tomar princess came from Mehrauli to her new matrimonial home with Dabas soldiers. From here dabas clan grew into the largest Jatland Baron clan of Delhi.

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