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For Village see Sanga Bhiwani

Sanga (सांगा) is a gotra of Jats. [1] [2]



Ram Swarup Joon[3] writes about Sangwan - Sanga: They also belong to Jakhar dynasty. A King of the Sangwan gotra ruled in the Sarsu jungles of Mewar. According to Amin Chand, the author of 'Jat Mimansa', their early rulers were Brahmadutt Somaud, Agni Kumar, Marichi, Surya and Shalbhon. They have about 40 villages in Dadri and they are also found in Amritsar, Ferozepur and Patiala. In the Jhelum and Gujrat regions they are called Sanga.

In Chauhan records

The Sundha inscription (Jodhpur) V. 1319 (1267 AD) of Chachigadeva mentions the Salya (Syal), the Sangas, and the Nahras. [4] [5]

Dasharatha Sharma in "Early Chauhan Dynasties" [Page-176] writes about Jalor Chauhan ruler - Chachigadeva. We have eight inscriptions for Chachigadeva, the son and successor of Udayasimha. These range from V. 1319 to V.1333. The earliest is the Sundha Inscription of V. 1319 edited by Dr. Kielhorn in EI, IX. pp. 74ff. Some three years earlier however than the earliest of these (which belongs to V. 1319) is the record of a pratishtha at Jalor, dated the 6th of the bright half of Magha V. 1316. It states that Padru and Muliga put a gold cupola and gold dhvaja on the temple of Shantinatha at Suvarnagiri in the reign of Chachigadeva (Kharataragachchhapattavali. p. 51).

"Hating his enemies as thorns" states the Sundha Inscription "he destroyed the roaring Gurjara lord Virama," enjoyed the fall of the tremulous (or leaping) Patuka, deprived Sanga of his colour and acted as a thunderbolt for the mountain, the furious Nahara".
स्फूर्जद्-वीरम-गूर्जरेश-दलनो य: शत्रु-शल्यं द्विषंश्-
चञ्चत-पातुक-पातनैकरसिक: संगस्य रंगापह:
उन्माद्दन्-नहराचलस्य कुलिशाकर:.... (Verse-50)

Dasharatha Sharma writes that The "furious Nahara" of the inscription, again, is equally unidentifiable. But we know from Jat history above that नहराचल means Nehra Mountain. There is a mountain in Jhunjhunu called Nehra Pahad which in Sanskrit is called नहराचल. Thus Nehras were rulers in Vikram Samvat 1316 (1260 AD). [6]



Sanga Hera is a village in Rohtak tahsil and district in Haryana.

Notable persons

  • प्रो. सी.एस.सांगा, पोली टैक्नीकल कॉलेज, 77 अलकपुरी, अलवर[7]

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