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Talesar (तलेसर) or Talesara (तलेसरा) is a village in Iglas tahsil, Aligarh district in Uttar Pradesh. [1]

Jat Gotras


It is situated on River Karvan of Lagsama region. It is located at a distance of 25 km from Aligarh in west, 20 km from Iglas in north, and 5 km from Gonda in north.


It is believed that in the long past Kakran gotra Jats migrated from the foothills (talahati) of Himalayas due to unavoidable circumstances there. some of these groups settled in Rajasthan and some in Muzaffarnagar but a group headed by a woman warrior Lakshami settled here at the site of Talesar. Since group had come from talahati, hence the village was called Talesar and the region was known as Lagsami and now Lagsama, the corrupted form of Lakshami. A fair is organized here on every chaitra krishna saptami. It is a matter of research how and when these Kakran people became Thakurela. [3]


The Population of the village is 4500.

Notable persons

There are about 60 freedom fighters in the village. To name some are:

  • Ganpat Dev S/O Asha Ram took part in 1932 savinay avagya andolan.
  • Genda Lal S/O Kallua Ram took part in 1932 savinay avagya andolan.
  • Rewati Prasad S/O Nathu Ram took part in satyagrah andolan in 1931.
  • Lakhami Singh - Ex MLA was freedom fighter.
  • Hukum Singh - freedom fighter.
  • Bade Ram S/O/ Nand Kishor, Hukum Singh S/O Durag Singh, Khajan Singh S/O Kalla Ram were in Azad Hind Fauj and fought against the British Army in 1945 and tried for deshadroha.


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