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Vak (वाक) (Vaka) is a gotra of Jats.[1] [2] Vaka (665 BC-602 BC) was king of Kashmir.[3] Vaka was a Rakshasa mentioned in Mahabharata (I.90.80) Wak is a Gotra of the Anjana Jats in Gujarat.



Behistun Inscription Line (68) reads - King Darius says: These are the men who were with me when I slew Gaumâta the Magian [maguš], who was called Smerdis [Bardiya]; then these men helped me as my followers:

Rajatarangini[4] mentions that after Mihirakula's death the citizens raised his son Vaka, a very good prince, to the throne. At first they wore mistrustful of him as they were of his father, but in course of time they liked him, and welcomed his reign after that of his predecessor, as one welcomes the rains after summer. Virtue returned, as if, from another world, and safety from exile in the forest ; and peace and security were re-established in the kingdom. He founded a city named Lavauotsa. At last, Vatta, a female devotee, came to the king one night in the shape of a beautiful woman, and with enticing words persuaded him to be present at a religious festival at her place. There the king went, but instead of witnessing a festival, he with his many sons and grandsons wore all sacrificed except one son. A stone, marked with the impression of her knees, as she knelt to sacrifice the king, is still to be seen ; and this horrid tale is even now related in tho monasteries at Khira. This king reigned for sixty-three years and thirteen days.

In Mahabharata

Adi Parva, Mahabharata/Mahabharata Book I Chapter 90 mentions that Duryodhana became exceedingly jealous of Pandavas. All Duryodhana's efforts proved futile. Then Dhritarashtra sent them, by an act of deception to Varanavata, and they went there willingly. There an endeavour was made to burn them to death; but it proved abortive owing to the warning counsels of Vidura. After that the Pandavas slew Hidimva, and then they went to a town called Ekachakra. There also they slew a Rakshasa of the name of Vaka and then went to Panchala. And there obtaining Draupadi for a wife they returned to Hastinapura. And there they dwelt for some time in peace and begat children. [5]



Notable persons


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