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Bahela (बहेला)[1] [2]Bahi/ Bahele (बहेले)[3] Baheda (बहेड़ा) is a gotra of Jats. In Pakistan there are Muslim Bahele Jats.



Ram Sarup Joon [4] writes ...Bahik, Bahi, Bahin or Bahela: Bahik Jats is found both among the Hindu and Sikhs. In Pakistan there are Muslim Bahele Jats-, Bahiks are mentioned in Mahabharat also. According to "Karna Parva", chapter of the Mahabharat) King Shalya paid l/6th part of his income to the Bahiks. According to Nandlal Dey, Bahik are a sub branch of the Madraks. Arat in district Sheikhupur was their capital. Hashak, Karmabh Kalak and Karkar were their important towns. In Daurala (District Meerut, U.P.) the Bahiyan Jats have six villages.

List of Mahabharata people and places contains tribe Bahi (बहि) (VIII.30.44).

Bahi, according to H.A. Rose is a tribe of Pathans which holds a bara of 12 villages near Hoshiarpur.[5]

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Jhunjhunu

Baheda Jats live in villages: Angasar,

Notable persons



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