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Location of Bajna in Mathura district map

Bajna Mathura (बाजना) is a village in Chhata tahsil in Mathura district in Uttar Pradesh.

Jat Gotras



Jatri Jats were settled around Chittorgarh in medieval periods. Albruni has written the name of Chittor as Jitaur, which is after Jitrana Jats. [1]The earlier name of Mewar was Medpat. Madra and Med are gotras found in Jats. Medpat is after Med gotra Jats. Jatri or Jatran jats moved from Chittor to various places. One group moved to Bijnor, other group to Gwalior and some to Jalesar. They founded their rule at Jartauli in Aligarh district. Later Nohwars occupied this state. Ibrahim Lodi forced the jats from Jartauli to move elsewhere at the time of chieftain Rao Ratiram. Rao Ratiram moved to Narwar. He constructed fortresses at Vajana and Bhenrai. [2]

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