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Location of Chandawal in Pali District

Chandawal (चण्डावल) or Chandawal Nagar (चण्डावल नगर) is a village in tehsil Sojat of Pali district in Rajasthan.


It is situated at a distance of 60 km from Pali on Delhi-Ahmedabad national highway-14.


The Founders


This is an old historical village founded about 400 years back. Village gets name after Raja Chandrawal singh. Jats of Kulakdhania founded the temple of Murlidharji. It is situated in Murlidhar Chowk. There is a temple of Tejaji, Samdara Hanuman Ji, Thaneswar Mahadev also. The people of this village took part in India’s freedom movement. The Biggest Freedom fighter are Alishaan Mangilal Trivedi. The village area has 500 acres of agricultural land. This is a well-developed village.

Jat Gotras

There are 1200 families residing in the village out of them 125 families are of Jat Gotras. The Jat Gotras inhabiting the village are Sail, Kulakdhania, Kagat, Chhaba, Pichkya, Karwa, Saran, Dara, Punia, Kamedia, Bhiu, Latiyal, Badiyasar etc.


Notable Persons

  • Ishwar Chand Chaudhary - retd RAS.
  • Chetan Chaudhari (Kagat) - Engineer, Mob -
  • Prem Raj Sail - retd Teacher (1994), Social worker, Ph 02960-243406 [1]
  • Prem Chand Saran - Retd. Teacher.
  • Pritam Saran - Teacher at GUPS Ladpura.
  • Kiran Kagat - Sarpanch of village.
  • Mahendra Chhaba - Software and web Engineer, Mob- 9785350350

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