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Sel (सेल)[1][2] Sail (सैल) Shail (शैल) Selaniya (सेलाणिया) Selania (सेलाणिया) Hel (हेल) (S→H) is gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan[3] and Madhya Pradesh.


Jat Gotras Namesake

Selaidih village


It is one of Jat clans as described by Megasthenes:

Then next to these towards the Indus come, after these are the tribes: The Uri (Uria) and Sileni (Sel); Immediately beyond come deserts extending for 250 miles.

We find in the history of Parihars [6] that a reminiscence of Nagabhata's struggle with the neighbouring powers seems to have been preserved in the Ragholi plates of Jayavardhana II, a king of the Shaila (शैल) dynasty ruling over part of Central Provinces. We are told that Prithuvardhaua, a previous king of the family, conquered the Gurjara country. (EI,IX,p.41)

Hukum Singh Panwar[7] while advocating the presence of Indo Aryans in Baltic region writes that It is extremely interesting to note that Dr. Marija Gimbutas[8], a Lithuanian scholar, who has highlighted many affinities and parallels to show close cultural and linguistic relationships between the Balts (from Baltisthan) and the Vedic Aryans[9], mentions, as quoted by Dr. Chatterji[10], the names of the Baltic tribes and territories. These indisputably betray their Indian names and, especially, Jat names. The names she mentions (with their possible equivalent given in brackets) are: Latgala or Lettigallian (present-day Letts of Latvia) or ancient and modern Lets (Lat or Lathar Jats), Kursas or Curonians (Kurus), Sela or Selonicans (S=H, Hela Jats), Kulmas (G = K, Gulmas from Gulmarg, Kashmir), Pamede (P = B, Bamede or Bamian), Lubava (?), Pagude (Jagude or Jakhar Jats?), Sasna (Sse or Ssae, Scythian, Jats), Galinda (Kalinda?), Varme (Varmas, V=B, Barma or Barme or Birhmaan Jats), Notanga (?), Scmba(Samba Jats), Sakalva or Skalva Sakas), Nadruva (Madras?),Barta (Bharta Jats), Suduva, also known as the Dainva (Danavas), and the Jotya (Jatva or Jats).

In this context, we also wish to draw the attention of our readers to a still more astonishing fact that the Balts, even after their separation thousands of years ago from Rig Vedic Aryans and in spite of their permanent settlement in the Baltic countries thousands of kilometers away from Sapta Sindhu, have not as yet dislodged the idea from their psyche that India is their motherland.

जाट इतिहास

ठाकुर देशराज[11] ने कुछ बौद्ध-कालीन प्रजातंत्री समूहों का उल्लेख किया है जिनका अस्तित्व अब जाटों में पाया जाता है.... सेही : यह अजमेर मेरवाड़े में जाति थी और अब सेल कहलाती है। यूल साहब ने इस शब्द को संस्कृत का सेका बतलाया है। यह जिस स्थान पर रहती थी, कहते हैं कि वहां चांदी की खान थी और झाजपुर के निकट इनकी कहीं राजधानी थी।

Sel in present times

It is important to know about Sailana (सैलाणा). One Sailana (सैलाणा) is in Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh. It was ruled by Rathore Rajputs during Mugal and the British times.

Tej Ram Sharma [12] mentions about a place name Sailan. The name Sailan also occurs in the works of Rashiduddin, Hayton and Jordanus. Al-Beruni called it Smgaldib Simhala is perhaps so called as once abounding in lions. We may note here that there are references to another Simhala quite different from Ceylon. It was placed to the east of Marudesa and to the south of the Kamadri. It is evidently in the Punjab-Rajasthan region and reminds us of the kingdom of Simhapura mentioned by Hiuen Tsang.

Simhapura (सिंहपुर) is mentined in Mahabharata, A northwest settlement subdued by Arjuna (II. 24.19).

ततः सिंहपुरं रम्यं चित्रायुधसुरक्षितम
परामदथ बलम आस्दाय पाकशासनिर आहवे (II. 24.19)

Sudan, The court poet of Maharaja Suraj Mal, in Sujan Charitra mentions about Sel people fighting in the army Maharaja Suraj Mal against Jaipur State as under:

गुनवंत गूदर चट्ठियौ, सर सेल सांगन मट्ठियौ

सजियौ प्रचन्ड सुभोंगरे, जितवार जंगन के खरे

In Ramayana

Kishkindha Kanda Sarga 41 discusses about the Empire of Holy Vanaras. Sugreeva sends Vanara-s to southward which troop includes Hanuman, Jambavanta, Nila and others and Angada is its leader. Sugreeva gives a vivid picture of the southern side of Jambu dviipa.

31, 32a. "Oh, vanara-s, venerate that Mt. Pushpitaka by bowing your heads and search it thoroughly. Then on going across that inviolable mountain and taking a highly impassable route there is a mountain named Suryavan after fourteen yojana-s from Mt. Pushpitaka." [4-41-31, 32a] [13]

In Mahabharata

Sabha Parva, Mahabharata/Book II Chapter 48 describes about various kinds of tribute presented unto Yudhishthira by the kings of the earth. Shail tribe mentioned as who procured from the sides of the Kamyaka lake, and covered with defensive armour. [14]

They are mentioned in Shalya Parva, Mahabharata/Book IX Chapter 44 shloka 58. [15]

Distribution in Rajasthan

The Jats of this gotra are found in District Ajmer, Pali and Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

Villages in Jodhpur district

Bera Chautina, Bhatida[16], Boyal, Jodhpur, Pipad, Riyan Sethon Ki,

Villages in Ajmer district

Kalesara, Ajmer

Villages in Pali district

Sel is a village inBali Tahsil of Pali district in Rajasthan. Other villages are: Chandawal Nagar,

Villages in Barmer district


Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Selaniya (सेलाणिया) is Gotra of Jats found in Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh.

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam district with population of Selaniya (सेलाणिया) gotra are:

Bardiya goyal 1,

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Bijnor district

Sel clan is found in villages: Husainpur Kalan, Seh, Bhawanipur Gagairan,

Notable persons

  • Prem Raj Sail - Retd. Teacher (1994), Social worker, Ph 02960-243406 [19]
  • Anil Choudhary (Sel) - SDE BSNL, Date of Birth : 26.1.1975, Home District - Ajmer, Present Address : Plot. No.19, Gayatrinagar, Pal Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Mob: 9413395414, Email: From village Kalesara, Peesangan, Ajmer. He is grandson of Sua Lal Sel.
Unit - 11 Jat Regiment


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