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Daska on map of Sialkot

Daska ( डस्का) is a city and tahsil of Sialkot district, Pakistan.

Jat Gotras


Sindhu descendant Mokal founded village in his name, 10 miles south of Daska. Several generations later Gajju founded village Wadala, 3 miles east of Mokal. [1]

Goraya Jats in Sialkot: The Goraya clan is found mainly in the north-east of the Pasrur Tehsil and in the neighboring villages of Daska. They are said to be descended from the Saroha family of the Lunar Rajputs and are closely connected with the Dhillon, Melti and Saroha Jats. The ancestor to whom they trace their origin, Rana, came from Sirsa to Jammu and thence to this district in the time of the Emperor Akbar.

H.A. Rose writes that Khira (खिरा), a tribe of Jats found in the Pasrur and Daska tahsils of Sialkot. Khira was a son of Sanpal. Like the Ghummans they are Bajwa descent. [2]

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