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Dhaul (धौल) clan found in Shahpur, and, as Muhammadan Jats, in Montgomery.[1] It is a branch of Panwar.[2]




Ram Swarup Joon[3] writes about Parihar, Prathihar, and Panwar: According to many writers they belong to the Gujar dynasty and their ancestors are said to have been associated with the Mauryan Jatti clan .

At the time of becoming Rajputs their capitals were in Bhinmal and Tirah.

According to the descriptions provided by Bal Clans, Prathihara and Maha Prathihara were titles only.

They may or may not be Gujars, but they are Chandravanshi and are descendants, of Yayati.

After the Agnikula ceremony they decided to forget their original roots in order to rise in status.

Dhaul-s and Bhakarwa-s belong to the Panwar clans.


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