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Pawar (पवार)[1] Panwar (पंवार)[2] [3] Ponwar (पोंवार) Por (पोर) Paur (पौर) Pauria (पौरिया) Poria (पोरिया) Sai Panwar Sai Panwar (पनवार)/Powar (पोवार)[4][5] is Gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh in India. They are found in Pakistan as well as Ponwar/Puar clan is found in Afghanistan also.[6]


Panwar originated from The Mahabharata Tribe - Pachar or Pachehra.Other historians consider Paramaras to be the ancestors of Panwar. At the Time of Alexander’s raid into India, he faught against the Puru tribe. The leader of Puru tribe was Porus. There is a reference of “ Porus’ in the Greek accounts. The name of clan of Porus was Puru, and now Puru is found amoung the Jats as panwar, Puru, Pawar, Parmar, Paur, Por, Paurava or Pauria, or Paurya as a gotra name.The kings of Malwa or Ujain who reigned at Dhar and flourished from the ninth to the twelfth centuries were of the Panwar clan.It is stated in mediaval history that the Panwar ruled over a large area consisting of nine castles including the ‘Region of death’, the name given to the great dessert of Thar which extended from Sind to the Aravalli mountains and from the great salt lakes to the skirting of Garah. These castles were Abu, Nundore, Umarkot, Arore, and Lodorva etc. Mr. Crooke states that the expulsion of the Panwars from Ujjain under their leader Mitra Sen is ascribed to the attack of the Muhamaddans under Shahab-ud-din Ghori about AD 1190. After this they spread to Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, where they are known as Pawar (Sivaji was a Puar)and so is the Nimbhalkar tribe.

Panwar Khap

Panwar Khap in Bagpat district has 5 villages at the same place. These are Kakripur (ककड़ीपुर), Ailum (ऐलम) , Nala (नाला) , Bharsi (भारसी) and Bhaneda (भनेडा). The other villages are Edarishpur (ईदरिशपुर), Daughat (दौघट). There is considerable Panwar population in villages Sabka and Bhainswal in district Shamli. These Panwars have brotherhood relations with the Chauhan vanshi Lakda khap villages Ramala, Asara, Kirthal, Lumba and Tugana. Inter-marriages within these clans is prohibited. [7]

जाट इतिहास:ठाकुर देशराज

ठाकुर देशराज[8] लिखते हैं.... पंवारप्रमार : वशिष्ट के यज्ञकुण्ड से पैदा होने की कथा इनके विषय में भी है। किन्तु इनका अस्तित्व जैसा कि वे अपने को विक्रमादित्य की सन्तान मानकर बताते हैं, यज्ञ से बहुत पहले का है। आबू यज्ञ स्वामी शंकराचार्य के समय 7, 8वीं शताब्दी में हुआ था और गर्दभसेन के बेटे विक्रमादित्य ईसा से भी कम से कम 80 साल पहले पैदा हुए थे, क्योंकि इनका संवत् ही ईसा से 57 वर्ष पहले चल चुका है।

हमारा जहां तक अनुसन्धान है, उस समय मालवा में गणतंत्री प्रणाली थी। विक्रम के पिता निश्चय ही गण के सरदार थे और यह आरम्भ के परान्त ज्ञात होते हैं जो कि सूपारक में रहने वाले अपरान्तों के पड़ौसी थे। कुछ लोगों ने परान्तों को खैवर की घाटी के पास माना है। कालान्तर में परान्त से प्रमार और पंवार की रचना हुई। आगे चलकर के जाट, गूजरों अथवा परिस्थिति-वश राजपूतों और मराठों के समुदायों में बंट गये।

पंवार खाप

42. पंवार खाप - इस खाप के पांचों गांव एलम, ककड़ीपुर, नाला, भारसी, और भन्हेड़ा उत्तर प्रदेश के बागपत और शामली जनपदों में बसे हुए हैं. ये गांव पंवार गोत्र के जाटों के हैं. ये पंवार जाट अपने करीब बसे चौहान वंशी लाकड़ा गोत्र के जाटों के गांव रमाला, असारा, किरठल, लूम्ब, और तुगाना के अंग भाई कहलाते हैं तथा इनमें परस्पर विवाह संबंध वर्जित हैं. इस खाप के अन्यत्र भी कई गांव हैं. [9]

Villages founded by Panwar clan


Villages after Por


Bhim Singh Dahiya[11] writes....Some authorities have given an opinion that the name Porus has not been derived from Paurava and cannot be equated with this ancient name. "The guess that Porus might be Paurava is not very convincing".138 "Porus (is) not to be identified with Paurava but with a derivative of Pura of Ganapatha of Panini.139 Thus it is clear that Porus cannot be identified with Paurava or any ancient Indian name. Jayaswal's suggestion that it is related to Pura of Ganapatha of Panini seems to be correct because even today this clan of the Jats is known as Poriya or Phor, the later being the form given by Muslim historians. It seems that Puriya and Phor/Por are one and the same clan, though existing today under both the forms, among the Jats.

138. V.Smith, EHI,p. 56

139. K.P.Jayaswal, Hindu Polity, p. 67, note.60

Ram Swarup Joon[12] writes about Parihar, Prathihar, and Panwar: According to many writers they belong to the Gujar dynasty and their ancestors are said to have been associated with the Mauryan Jatti clan .

At the time of becoming Rajputs their capitals were in Bhinmal and Tirah.

According to the descriptions provided by Bal Clans, Prathihara and Maha Prathihara were titles only.

They may or may not be Gujars, but they are Chandravanshi and are descendants, of Yayati.

After the Agnikula ceremony they decided to forget their original roots in order to rise in status.

Dhaul-s and Bhakarwa-s belong to the Panwar clans.

Their origin was at Dharanagari. Sujan Singh was their chieftain. Sujan Singh won the places Udiya, Amber, Ujjain, Averi, Abugarh and Sanganeri, which were in the territory of Rajarao. He defeated the five states so they were called Pachahara. Sujan Singh progressed further and also won Hindon, Bayana and Gwalior forts. Sujan Singh established villages Dhahrooa, Kanarai. He also defeated Kalars who had great nuisance and had dominance in Brijbhumi.[13]

The Kannauja descendant had five sons namely Vijay Singh, Pratap Singh, Roop Singh, Dalo Singh and Bhabal Singh along with two daughters Darbo and Jasso. They constructed a Mata temple at Aayara Kheda village. 360 villages of Panwar Jats have spread from Aayara Kheda. These villages are located in the lower bank of Yamuna River. The rest of villages were established beyond Ganges River. The chieftain Sujan Singh visited the Ashram of Nimbaditya Rishi. This place was full of Neem and other trees; He established this place as Nimgaon after Nimbaditya Rishi. [14]

According to H.A. Rose[15] Jat clans derived from Punwar are: Kharwan, Pachar, Bachre, Kanchan, Loh-Chab and Mohan .

Panwar rulers in Omarkot - Umerkot or Omarkot (Urdu: عمرکوٹ) is town in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. It is also referred to as Amar Kot as per old histories, "Amar Kot Itehas" by Tej Singh Solanki. Once, it has been Capital of Greater Sindh Province, including some parts of present Rajasthan state of India. According to Thakur Deshraj, Panwar clan Jats were rulers here prior to Mughal ruler Humayun. Jame Tod tells it to be a Rajput state confusing Panwar with Rajputs, but it was denied by Cunningham, who wrote it to be a Panwar Jat state referring to the author of 'Humayun Nama'. Panwar Jats are residing in Delhi-Shahpurjat, Bersarai, Muzzafarnagar, Bagpat, Garwal, Haryana - Indri Sonipat.

Panwar or Parmar Rulers

The following were the exceptional rulers/personalities of Panwar/Paramara Dynasty:-

1) The Great King Vikramaditya also known as Vikramajeet (the sun of power) was a dynamic divine personality and a legendary king of Ujjain (India) who ruled from 380 until 413 C.E. This period is termed as Golden Age of India. He extended his empire through war conquering about twenty-one kingdoms in and outside India. The greatest of his military achievements was his advance to the Arabian Sea and subjugation of the peninsula of Saurashtra (Kathiawar). His court was made even more illustrious by the fact that it was graced by 'Nauratna' (nine jewels).

2) King Bhoj (Bhojraj) was a polymath and philosopher king of medieval India who ruled the kingdom of Malwa from 1010 to 1060 C.E. Under his rule, Malwa and its capital Dhar became one of the chief intellectual centres of India. He rebuilt the temple of Somnath after it was sacked by Mahmud Ghaznavi.

3) Raja Jagdev Panwar became the ruler of Malwa after his father King Udayaditya, but he gave the rule to his brother owing to family-dispute and settled his kingdom at Jarg. He slew a demon who used to eat a human-being daily in a fort near Depalpur (Okara) and Raja Kankhar bestowed him half kingdom and married his daughter with him. He struck off his own head on the demand of a witch-wife of the court-bard of Raja Jai Singh but was miraculously restored to life. He founded Akhnoor State, ruled by Panwar Dynasty of his descendants for 600 years.

Mr. Low comments that 'Panwars' are a handsome race with high foreheads and grey eyes. They are not deficient in courage and are often known to fight till last man; always preferring a glorious death before a life of 'dishonour'.

Mr. H.A. Rose inscribes that 'Panwars' are a pleasant, intelligent and plucky race, not easily cast down by misfortune and always ready to attempt new enterprises in almost any direction.

Colonel James Tod writes that "Everywhere Panwars made their mark, so they lived in history".

jagdev panwar jagar:The Chivalry Folklore about Sacrificing Life for Honor

The Uttarakhand cultural historian Dinesh Baluni states that the first Panwar king of Panwar dynasty was Kankpal who was crowned for Chandpur Gadhi in 888 AD. He states that the folk story of Jagdev is before Kanakpal.

However, this author found three other folk stories related to name Jagdev Panwar of Dhara and surprisingly, there are similarities among all folk stories of Jagdev Pnawar –that is Garhwali version folklore of Jagdev, Akhnoor or Dhara Nagri folklore of Jagdev Panwar, Dhara Nagri folk sayings by Bhat and Pahasnu (Rampur Pargana of Saharanpur district) folklore of Jagdev Panwar. There is no historical proof available for all four (including Garhwali) folklore about Jagdev Panwar.

Jagdev Panwar who founded Panwar dynasty in Akhnoor kingdom King Udayaditya (Vikramiditya clan) of Malwa, Dhar had two wives. The valerian Jagdev was son from Solankin queen. The other queen Baghelin did not want that Jagdev become crown prince and she arranged conspiracy. Jagdev and his wife had to leave the court. Jaisingh was the competent general of Udayditya.

Jagdev did deep mediation for Jagdamba (Mahakali). Goddess Kankali asked the head of Jagdev from his wife. The head of Jagdev was given to Kankali. Kankali took head to heaven and showed the sacrifice to devtas. Later, Kalinka joined head with Jagdev body made Jagdev live.

Later on due to dispute Jagdev migrated to Himalayan belt at Akhnoor, Jammu and Kashmir. Jagdev Panwar established his kingdom at Virat Nagri (2 -3 kilometers away from Akhnoor) in 1096 AD. Jagdev was devotee of Amba goddess and after the death of Jagdev, the name of Wrat Nagri was changed as Ambaraian.

Folklore sung by Bhats of Dhara Nagri. There is another saying that Jagdev Panwar cut his head for seven times and offered to goddess on Sunday 1095AD.The said Dhar folklore by Bhat says-

इग्यारा सौ इकाणवे चैत सुदी रविवार।
जगदेव शीस समापियो धारा नगर पवार।।

Khuber Folklore of Pahasnu, Saharanpur about Jagdev Panwar

G.G. Raheja tells the folk stories of Jagdev Panwar from village Pahansu of Saharanpur district. The king Jaisal was greatest king and King Jagdev Panwar was smaller king. Every day, the wife of Bhat used to come for dan (donation or gift) to Jaisal court. One day she came when Jagdev Panwar was also sitting in court of Jagdev. Bhat woman told to Jaisal that Jagdev Panwar was greater donor (dan data). Jaisal told to Bhat woman and asked to go Jagdev Panwar house to collect donation (dan) and he (Jaisal) would offer ten times more donation (dan) than Jagdev Panwar.

Jagdev Panwar told the story of court to his wife. The wife was worried as Jagdev Panwar was smaller king and smaller by wealth too. Jagdev told his wife that Panwar fellow would never be defeated in ‘dan’(donation) too.

In morning, Jagdev took bath and became ready to offer donation (dan) to Bhat woman. When Bhat woman came, Jagdev Panwar cut his head and offered his head to Bhat woman as ‘dan’(donation). Bhat woman went to jaisal court and when Jaisal king came to know that Jagdev offered his head as ‘dan’, the king Jaisal accepted defeat.

The Bhat woman returned to house of Jagdev Panwar with his head and she returned back the head of Jagdev Panwar to his wife. The queen then joined the head of Jagdev Panwar to his body and prayed Go Bhagwan, “Give my husband the gift of life.” Bhagwan made Jagdev Panwar live.

Garhwali – Kumaoni version of Jagdev Panwar Folklore The Garhwali Jagar version of Jagdev Jagar starts from the conference of deities. The portion of Jagdev Panwar Jagar is as follows-

कुमाऊं और गढ़वाल की लोक गाथाएँ -16

जगदेव पंवार जागर : भडौ , कटकू या पांवड़ा

(सन्दर्भ: डा हरी दत्त भट्ट 'शैलेश', गढ़वाली भाषा और उसका साहित्य )

पंच देवों की सभा लगीं छई
शिवजी ध्यान मा छा,देवी छई पार्वती
सभा का मुकुट तिरलोकी नारैण
तब इन बैन बोल्दा
क्वी दुनिया मा इनो वीर भी होलो
जो शीश काटिक दान देलो
जैन शीश को दान दीण
वैन गढ़वाल को राज लीण
वरवी बैठीं छई चंचु भाट की बेटी कैड़ी कंकाली
तब बोल्दा भगवान हे कैड़ी कंकाली
दुनिया को तौल दु , पृथ्वी भाऊ
क्वी दुनिया मा शीश काटीक दान भी देलो
तू रंदी कंकाली मृत्यु मंडल मा
मै ल्यूलो भगवान पृथ्वी को भेद
तब कैड़ी कंकाली मृत्यु मंडल औंदी
वै मलासीगढ़ में रंद छयो वींको बाबा चंचु भाट
कैड़ी कंकाली छै मलासीगढ़ की प्यारी
मन की मयाळी छै वा कैड़ी कंकाली
xxx xxx
तब चौहानी राणी न करदी वींको
दियुं दान नी लियेंदु , थुक्युं थूक नि चटेंदू
तब देवतोंन वीं धड पर ही हैंकु सर उपजाए
सेता -पिंगला चौंळ मारिन
जीतो होई गये जगदेव पंवार
देवतौन तब वे गढ़वाल को राज दिने
वचन चले दिल राई , जयसिंह सभाई
वचन रहा जगदेव पंवार का जिसने
सर काट कंकाली को दिया
गढ़वाल देश को राज लिया

There is deity conference and was attended by lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. In the deity conference, Narayan announced that who would offer he would be given Garhwal kingdom.

Goddess Kalika devi (Kankali) became responsible to find such person who would offer his own head. In the form of beggar Kalika went to Dhara Nagari where two brothers Jaidev and Jagdev lived.

Seeing the beggar Kalika, Jaidev went away for hunting as he was very miser. Second brother Jagdev invited Kalika for ‘dan’. Jagdev asked his wives about what they were offering to beggar. All queens except Chauhani queen became ready to offer food and money. Chauhani was ready to offer her head.

Chauhani queen became ready in male dress and stood before her husband Jagdev Panwar and told him that she would sacrifice her life. Jagdev Panwar became enthusiastic. Jagdev Panwar took his golden sword and cut his head.

Kalika put the head of Jagdev Panwar in her Kamandal (jug) and went to deity land (heaven). Looking at the head of jagdev, Narayan became pleased. All deities came to Dhara Nagari with the head of Jagdev. Deities joined the head of Jagdev. Chauhani queen refused to take back the donated head. Deities created new head and joined it to body. Deities performed Mantra ritual and Jagdev became alive. Deities offered Jagdev the land of Garhwal for ruling. Jagdev Panwar ruled Garhwal happily.

Sub divisions of Punwar

Bhim Singh Dahiya[16] provides us list of Jat clans who were supporters of the Punwar when they gained political ascendancy. The following Jat clans supported the ascendant clan Punwar and became part of a political confederacy:[17]

Kharwan, Pachar, Loh-Chab, Khoja, Mohan

Origin of Panwar

Dr Atal Singh Khokhar says in his book “Jaton ki utpati evam vistar” [18]that the Banswara inscription of Parmara king Bhoja indicates that his ancestor Siyaka, Siyaka’s son Vakpatiraja, Vakpatiraja’s son Sindhuraja, his son Bhojdeo came from Kasala in east Sudan to Gagar river in Nigeria and from there to Dor in Israel where he became ruler. Bhoja settled his followers at Bataneaea Assyria province’s Damiscus, Dara’s area and made Dara his capital. From there he came to Maharashtra and conquered Konkan area. He had defeated raja Keshideo of Shilahar vansha with the help of Rajendra Chol. [19]

Dr Atal Singh Khokhar considers Panwar vansha of the Agnikula origin came from Azean sea. His ancestors were Mahamah Dhumji Domitius, in which Nero was the last Emperor, of Ahanobarbaraka Suryavansha. Dumji migrated from Dhan to south and founded rule, whose fifth son was Putraja, after the death of whom Aditya Panwar was nominated to the throne who was founder of Panwar vansha. The Panwar is developed from Puhar meaning fire. Puhari was a Kushan vansha of which Kujula Kadphises founded Kushan rule in India in 48 AD. This rule continued upto 248 AD. [20]. According to ‘Panwar Darpan’ prior to Vikramaditya was king Dharagiri who founded Dara (Dharagiri) near Damiscus who were Malav descends. [21] James Todd has written that Parmaras (Panwar) rulers of Arbud (Abu) were Jat (vansha). [22]

पंवार जाट गोत्र का इतिहास

भलेराम बेनीवाल [23] के अनुसार पंवार चन्द्रवंशी गोत्र है। इसकी उतपति पुरू राजा से मानी गई है। इसक प्रथम राज्य मालवा में माना गया है तथा राजा भोज इस कुल के सर्वाधिक प्रसिद्ध राजा हुये हैं।कुछ इतिहासकार जगदेव पंवार को महत्वपूर्ण मानते हैं। इसने ५० वर्ष तक राज्य किया था।पुरू वंश के जाट पुरूवाल, पोरसवालपौड़िया कहलाये. इस वंश के कुछ लोग राजपूत संघ में मिलगये और राजपूत कहलाने लगे. ये बाद में कुछ मुसलमान भी बन गये. पंवार वंश का आरम्भ ईशा पूर्व माना गया है. राजा भोज का मालवा में शासन रहा. वह बहुत दानी और प्राक्रमी थे। इस वंश का मालवा में ५०० वर्ष तक राज्य रहा। पंवार गोत्र का पहला महान राजा मुंज देव को माना गया है।कुछ इतिहासकार इस गोत्र का इलाका खैबर घाटी को मानते हैं। कर्नल टाड उमरकोट को राजपूतों का राज्य मानते हैं जबकि जनरल कनिंघम हुमायूंनामा के लेखक के हवाले से उमरकोट को पंवार जाटों का राज्य लिखते हैं.

डॉ मोहन लाल गुप्ता [24] प्रबंध चिंतामणी के हवाले से लिखते हैं कि परमार राजा सीयक द्वितीय के कोइ पुत्र न था।एक दिन उसे एक बालक मु्ंज घास पर पड़ा मिला।राजा बालक को महल ले आया तथा उसका लालन-पालन पुत्र की भांति किया।मुंज घास पर मिलने के कारण उसका नाम मुंज रखा गया।मुंज को गोद लिये जाने के बाद राजा सीयक की रानी ने सिंधुराज नामक पुत्र को जन्म दिया।किन्तु सीयक मुंज को इतना प्रेम करता था कि उसने मुंज को ही अपना उत्तराधिकारी बनाया।

ठाकुर देशराज

ठाकुर देशराज[25] लिखते हैं - उमर कोट सिन्ध और राजस्थान के मध्य में यह स्थान है। इस पर हुमायूं के समय तक पंवार गोत्री जाटों का राज्य था। पंवार शब्द के कारण कर्नल टाड ने उसे राजपूतों का राज्य बताया है। किन्तु जनरल कनिंघम ने 'हुमायूं नामा' के लेखक के कथन का हवाला देकर उसे जाट पंवार लिखा है। टाड राजस्थान के कथन का प्रतिवाद करते हुए जनरल कनिंघम लिखते हैं - “किन्तु हुमायूं की जीवनी लिखने वाले ने प्रमार के राजा और उनके अनुचरों का 'जाट' के नाम से परिचय दिया है।”1 यह वंश धारा नगर के जाट-परमारों से सम्बन्धित रहा होगा। क्योंकि धारा नगर में जगदेव नाम का जाट राजा राज्य करता था और प्रमार जाट था। बिजनौर के कुछ जाट अपने को धारा नगर के महाराज जगदेव की संतान बताते हैं2, जो कि वहां से महमूद गजनवी के आक्रमण के समय यू० पी० की ओर बढ़ गए थे। प्रमार भी 'अवार' की भांति एक शब्द है। जाट एक समय अवार कहलाते थे, जिसका कि भारत में अवेरिया से सम्बन्ध है। इसी भांति एक प्रदेश का नाम पंवार-प्रदेश था, जो कि धारा नगर और उज्जैन के मध्य में था और जो प्रान्त पंवार लोगों के बसने के कारण प्रसिद्ध हुआ।

इसी तरह से सिन्ध के अन्य अनेक स्थानों पर जाट-राज्यों की सामग्री मिल सकती है, किन्तु उसके लिए महान् साधन और खोज की आवश्यकता है।

1. Memoirs of Humayoon P.45 ।
2. ट्राइब्स एण्ड कास्ट्स ऑफ दी नार्थ वेस्टर्न प्राविंसेज एण्ड अवध।

पंवार गोत्र के गांव

उत्तर प्रदेश - भनेड़ा , सबगा , दोघट , कान्घड़ , नगौड़ी , जटौली , ककड़ीपुर , नाला , एलम , भगवानपुर , टिकरौल , भैसवाल , पैंगा , छासीपुर , बेजलपुर

मेरठ , मुजफ्फरनगर , सहारनपुर , जिलों में भी पंवार गोत्र के गांव हैं।

DELHI - शाहपुर जट , बेरसराय

Distribution in Rajasthan

Distribution of Pawar Gotra

Locations in Jaipur city

22 Godam, C-Scheme Gopalpura Bypass, Jhotwara, Malviya Nagar, Tonk Road, Jaipur,

Villages in Jodhpur district


Villages in Tonk district

Ramma (1),

Village in Ganganagar District


Village in Karauli District


Distribution in Uttarakhand

Villages in Haridwar district

Meerpur Muwazarpur, Nagala Cheena, Nasir Pur Kalan.

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Panwar Khap in Bagpat district has 5 villages at the same place. These are Kakripur (ककड़ीपुर), Ailum (ऐलम) , Nala (नाला) , Bharsi (भारसी) and Bhaneda (भनेडा). The other villages are Edarishpur (ईदरिशपुर) ,Daughat (दौघट) . There is considerable Panwar population in villages Sabka and Bhainswal in Muzaffarnagar. These Panwars have brotherhood relations with the Chauhan vanshi Lakda khap villages. Inter marriages within these clans is prohibited. [26]The Panwars of this area have the distinction of being brave , friendly and intellectually bright. They also settled in village Buttena and Prangarh, Sikandrabad Bulandshahar dist. Mr Hari Om Panwar also belongs to Buttena.

Villages in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli district

Ailum, Badhedi, Bhanera, Bharsi, Bhainswal, Ghasipura, Dogar, Gandevra, Kakdipur, Khanjahanpur, Madalpur, Muzaffarnagar, Nagla Mubarik, Naala, Nangli Mahasingh, Naunagali, Oli Majra, Pinana, Rajpur Chajpur, Rajhad, Molaheri, Pawar Khera , Mustafabad, Valli (70)

Villages in Meerut district

Chobla, Dantal-Meerut, Daurala, Dhadra, Jattoli, Kastala Shamshernagar, Nangla Tashi, Sakoti, Rasulpur Zahid,

Villages in Ghaziabad district

Jalalabad, Penga, Rawli Kalan,

Villages in Saharanpur district


Villages in Bhagpat district

Basi, Bharsi, Lalyana, Sunhera,

Villages in Bahraich district

Nanpara Dehati,

Villages in Bulandshahr district

Badha Bulandshahar, Bhansroli Nasirpur, Butena, Prangarh, Rasulpur Shikarpur, Raura, Rehmanpur Syewali, Rijhaura, Salabad Dhamaira (सलाबाद धमैडा), Shekupur Raura, Pasauli

Villages in Shamli district

Bhanera Jat,

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Mandsaur district


Villages in Nimach district


Villages in Bhopal District

Bhopal, Beragarh,

Villages in Ratlam district

Villages in Ratlam district with population of this gotra are:

Kalmoda 2, Ratlam 3,

Villages in Gwalior district

Gwalior, Lashkar (Gwalior), Morar (Gwalior),

Distribution in Haryana

Shamdi,Singhpura,Gagana,Saidpur,Balli tharu,Pawriya,Jind bhallar

Villages in Gurgaon district

Indri Nuh,

Villages in Panipat district


Villages in Jhajjar district


Villages in Hisar district

Kirmara, Panhari,

Villages in Bhiwani district

Badesra Bhiwani

Villages in Karnal district


Villages in Jind district

Malar, Bibipur

Villages in Sonipat district

Katlupur, Saidpur, Chatiya Dewa

Villages in Rohtak district

Balhemba, Kanheli,

Villages in Kaithal district

Mator, Sherkhan Khedi (शेरखां खेड़ी),

Distrbution in Delhi

Shahpur Jat, Ber Sarai

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Hoshiarpur district

Villages in Jalandhar district

Distribution in Pakistan

According to 1911 census the Panwar were the principal Muslim Jat clan in districts:

पंवार गोत्र के सम्मानित लोग

  • चौ० दरियाव सिंह - खाचरौली गाँव के प्रसिद्ध जमींदार और राजनीतिज्ञ महानुभाव है / यह गाँव चौ० दरियाव सिंह के नाम से भी जाना जाता है / चौ० दरियाव सिंह का जन्म 14 जनवरी 1921 को हुआ था / उन्होंने अपनी प्रारंभिक शिक्षा घर पर ही अपने दादा जी से , तथा अपने गाँव के स्कूल से ली / फिर आगे पढ़ने के लिए अपने पिता हरफूल जी के साथ लाहौर (जो अब पाकिस्तान में है ) चले गए / वहा पर उन्होंने एक स्कूल में दाखिला ले लिया और कुछ समय तक पढाई की / उस समय अपना देश अंग्रेजो कि गुलामी में था /और अंग्रेजो के खिलाफ आंदोलन चल रहा था/ उस से प्रभावित होकर उन्होंने स्कूल छोड़ दिया और देश कि आज़ादी के लिए चल रहे आंदोलनों में भाग ले लिया /
  • पूर्ण सिंह - गांव कैमला (करनाल), मेहनती, कर्मठ व ईमानदार अध्यापक।
  • रामभज - गांव चन्दौली, पानीपत
  • मौणी देवी - शेरखां खेड़ी जिला कैथल में मौण गोत्र के जाट आबाद हैं. मौण गोत्र पंवार की एक उप-शाखा है. काफ़ी समय पहले इस गांव की मौणी देवी सत्ती हो गयी थी. इस कारण यहां के लोगों ने अपने आप को मौण लिखना शुरु कर दिया. इनका मूल गोत्र पंवार है.

Notable persons of this gotra

Notable Pawar people
Notable Pawar people
  • Jagdev Panwar - Umarkot (Sindh)
  • Raja Munjdev (Panwar) (10th century) - Malwa (Punjab)
  • Raja Bhoj (11th century) - was a Panwar clan ruler of Dhar in Malwa, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Shyam Charan Singh Panwar - वकील ग्राम भगवानपुर फ़ोन न -09258708671
  • Dalip singh panwar- He was the 1st Jat MP Member of Parliament from Delhi,outer Delhi-1971,( vill-Shahpur Jat ). He is the father-in-law of Jayshree Panwar.
  • Ramesh Panwar-Ramesh Panwar (रमेश पंवार) is one of best known ex Captain and Player of Indian Kabaddi team. He lead India in 14th and 15th asian games and First Kabaddi World 2006 and won the Gold medals.
  • Dr. Randhir Singh Panwar - Ex Principal R K DIGREE COLLEGE SHAMLI PRABUDH NAGAR (M. NAGAR) U.P.
  • Harpal Singh Panwar - He was elected as a Member of Parliament MP for 9th and 10th Lok Sabha and was appointed Vice Chairman of CAPART (Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India)
  • Mahima Chaudhary - Actoress
  • Ch. Udaiveer Singh- Choudhary of Khap Battissa {villege - Bhainswal, Dist-Shamli, Uttar Pradesh}
  • Hari Om Panwar - Poet
  • Guru Jambheshwar - Founder of Bishnoi sect
  • Jayshree Panwar - Delhi Mayor
  • Hukum Singh Panwar (Pauria) - Reputed Jat historian
  • Smt Malvika Panwar - IAS Rajasthan
  • Vijay Kumar Panwar - From Penga village, Became Revenue Inspector of Uttar Pradesh in 1988. चौधरी विजय कुमार पंवार अब राजस्व निरीक्षक के पद पर है। चौधरी विजय कुमार राजस्व निरीक्षक संघ के प्रदेश संयोजक है। विजय कुमार, पंवार खाप के चौधरी स्व नाहर सिंह के पुत्र है और स्व चौधरी मलखा सिंह के पोत्र है।
  • Parvinder Panwar - IAS Rajasthan
  • Sudhir K. Panwar, born:1-7-1957, IFS Madhya Pradesh , 1982
  • Justice Mahavir Singh (Panwar) - Uttar Pradesh
  • Anil Kumar Panwar Father Name: Sh. Jaibir Singh Panwar village Panhari. Mob.No. – 8684836888, Email Address :
  • Capt. Bishamber Singh Panwar - Freedom FighterAilum, U.P. - A great man who rubbed shoulders with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in the freedom struggle for this great nation.He was a part of the Indian National Army or The Azad Hind Fauj led by Subhash Chandra Bose.
  • Dr. Jaipal Singh Panwar - Ph. D, Univ. of Illinois, U.S.A, Head & Professor in Department of Agricultural Engineering, Pusa Institute, New Delhi ). He topped UP in 10th and 12th. He is the son in law of Dr. Giri Raj Singh Sirohi. Dr. Giri Raj Singh Sirohi is first Indian to set foot on Antarctica, South Pole. Dr. Jaipal Singh Panwar is the bright son of Ailum Village.
  • Ch.Lalit Singh Panwar - (Village - Shahpur Jat)
  • Ch. Arun Panwar From Kakadipur Well Known Advocate in Delhi High Court
  • Dr. Bhupal Singh Panwar - Retd. Director General Health, Haryana.
  • Ch.Devi Singh panwar .He is from Idrispur village
  • Vinod Panwar (IAS) - Adll. CEO, NOIDA Authority
  • Ch. Surajmal Singh Panwar -
  • Captain Vijayender Singh Panwar,Air India ✈(grandson of ch.Dariyav Singh Panwar ,Khachroli, haryana)
  • Shubhender Singh Panwar,Research scholar,PhD-doctrate civil engineering (Grandson of Ch.Dariyav Singh Panwar ,khachroli)
  • Rabbu Panwar, Secretary General of JanNayak Janta Party Haryana and famous businessman (Grandson of Ch.Dariyav Singh Khachroli)
  • Avnish Panwar - From Penga, Became District General Secretary of NSUI in 2012. He was promoted to State General Secretary of NSUI in 2014. He became Vice President of NSUI from Uttar Pradesh in 2016. अब अवनीश पंवार NSUI के राष्ट्रीय संयोकाज(National coordinator) के पद पर है। चौधरी अवनीश ,पंवार खाप के चौधरी विजय कुमार पंवार के पुत्र है। इनके पिता जी चौधरी विजय कुमार पंवार उत्तर प्रदेश मे राजस्व निरीक्षक है।
  • Vikram Singh Panwar (विक्रम सिंह पँवार) - Retd. Lecturer Inter College Barla. Settled at Roorkee. Mob:9837666569. He is a poet and historian. His main books are: 1. बहुजनों के ह्रदय सम्राट दीनबंधु चौधरी सर छोटूराम, 2. शहिदे आज़म भगत सिंह की शहादत की हिफाज़त क्यों और कैसे
  • Rajendra Singh Panwar

Gallery of Pawar people


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