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Hundal (हुंडळ)[1] is a clan or gotra of Jats, found in Haryana, Punjab (India), Punjab (Pakistan). Hundal is also sometimes spelled as Hoondal or Hundle. They are also found among the South Asian immigrant communities in the UK, US, Canada, Hong Kong and in other parts of the world. No exact population figures are available, but it is suggested this clan has smaller population in comparison to other Jat clans.


Like many other Jat gotras, Hundals claim to belong historically to Huns. Hundals are deemed to be of Scythian stock.

Hundru Patherdih village


H.A. Rose[2] mentions that The migrations of the Jats into Kapurthala illustrate the history of the population of the Punjab.....from Delhi came the Hundal, Dhadah, Bhaun, Bal, Bhandal, Bisal and Bulai.

Hundals in Pakistan

In Pakistan, most of the families belonging to this gotra of Jats originate from a village called Behlolpur, near Qila Sobha Singh, District Narowal (Previously District Sialkot) and after the settlement in and around District Faisalabad, in a village of same name, Behlolpur, situated near Sangla Hill. Over generations, most families have emigrated to and settled in the bigger cities of Lahore and Faisalabad.

The Hundal claim descent from the Suryavanshi. They were found mainly in Amritsar and Gurdaspur districts. Hundal villages in Gurdaspur were in Shakargarh Tehsil, which is now in the Narowal District. The Amritsar Hundals are now founded mainly in Faisalabad District.

Hundals in India

In Punjab, India, hundals are believed to originate from the village of Bundala in Amritsar district. There are around ten villages surrounding Bundala spread out from Bundala over the time. Hundals are also located at Verka (Amritsar), Garhshanker (Hoshiarpur) and parts of Patiala and Jallandar Districts, believed to be originated from Bundala village over the time.In Ludhiana Districts Hundals are Located at only Village NARAINGARH near Khanna City.

Most Hundals in India are sikh. In Haryana (India) major hundal villages are Ishargarh, Gohargarh, Dayalgarh and Jatt Dera near Khurdban village. Most of them arrived here from Mulanpur village near Sirhind in Punjab.They embraced sikhism at the time of sikh guru's when they were living near Batala (Punjab). Sardar Ram Narain Singh Hundal was one of the prominent jagirdar of the cis satluj jagir of Jagadhri and Dayalgarh. He was heir of Rai Singh 'Buriawala' who captured the fort at Dayalgarh from Aurangabadi Muslims in 1760s


Most Hundals in India are Sikhs,Hindu, though there are some Hindus and Muslims. Hundals in Pakistan are mostly sunni Muslims. Legend has it that they embraced Islam through a sufi saint based in district Sialkot.

Distribution in Punjab

Hundal population is 963 in Amritsar district.[3]

Village in Amritsar District

Bundala, Hundal Heer, Joga Singh Wala, Sukhewala,

Distribution in Pakistan

According to 1911 census the Hundals were the principal Muslim Jat clan in :


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