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Location of Kahror

Kahror or Kahror Pakka or Kahror Pacca (Urdu: كہروڑ پكّا‎) is an old town near Multan, is a city and Tehsil in Lodhran District of Punjab province of Pakistan.


The Kahror Pakka to Lodhran road (32 km) which is a major artery in Lodhran District, passes through the city. An old railway station established in 1925 is present in city on which Trains for Lahore and Karachi stops. Dunyia Pur road is 25KM long road which is one of the straight roads in Pakistan. The city has a direct link with Mailsi (35 km)and Dunyapur(25 km). Multan and Bahawalpur are the nearest airports with international flights.


Major castes of the area are Arain, Syed, Hashmi, Qureshi, Sheikh, Mirza(Chughtai) Pathan, Baloch (Rind, Kurai) Rajpoot (Rana, Rao, Bhatti, Kanju, Nawab, Joyia, Noon, Chauhan, Parihar, Rid, Utaira, Wad, Phull, Wighamal, Dhuddi), Miscellaneous: Dhakkoo, Migrators etc.


Alexander Cunningham[1] writes that The ancient town of Kahror is situated on the southern bank of the old Bias river, 50 miles to the south-east of Multan, and 20 miles to the north-east of Bahawalpur. It is mentioned as one of the towns which submitted to Chach[2] after the capture of Multan in the middle of the seventh century. But the interest attached to Kahror rests on its fame as the scene of the great battle between Vikramaditya and the Sakas, in A.D. 79. Abu Rihan describes its position as situated between Multan and the castle of Loni. The latter place is most probably intended for Ludhan, an ancient town situated near the old bed of the Satlej river, 44 miles to the east-north-east of Kahror, and 70 miles to the east-south-east of Multan. Its position is therefore very nearly halfway between Multan and Ludhan, as described by Abu Rihan.

Notable persons


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