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For village see Kakra Bikaner

Kakda (ककड़ा)[1] Kakra (काकडा) Kakada (काकड़ा)[2] Kakara is a gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan[3] and Punjab. This surname is also in Brahmans originated from Dadhichi.


There was a republic called Karaka (करक) during Mahabharata period, who were known as Kakra !!!! People on the banks of Karkuda river were also called so. [4]

Mention by Panini

Kakadanti (काकादन्ति), a warlike tribe, is mentioned by Panini in Ashtadhyayi. [5]


V. S. Agrawala[6] mentions Sanghas known to Panini which includes - Kakadanti (काकदन्ति), under Damanyadi (दामन्यादि) (V.3.116).


Distribution in Rajasthan

This gotra people live in Nagaur and Tonk district in Rajasthan.

Villages in Bikaner district

Kakra named village is in Bikaner district in Rajasthan. Its PIN is Kakra - 334802

Villages in Nagaur district


Villages in Tonk district

Bhurali (1),

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Patiala district

Villages in Sangrur district

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Muzaffarnagar district

Kakra (tah: Shamli)

Notable persons

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