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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Kamagiri (कामगिरि) is name of ancient mountain probably Chitrakuta in Banda (Uttar Pradesh) and Satna (Madhya Pradesh)




Kamadgiri, the original Chitrakuta, is a place of prime religious significance. A forested hill, it is skirted all along its base by a chain of temples and is venerated today as the holy embodiment of Rama.

Jat History

Bhim Singh Dahiya[1] writes that ....In Śaktisamgama Tantra bk III, chap.VII, verse 43-44, we find the Hunas as heroes, living in the north of Rajasthan desert and by the side of Kamagiri mountains. This means the Punjab lands.129 Here the Hunas are mentioned along with the Kuntals,

129. Upendra Thakur, The Hunas in India, p. 55, f.n. 2.

[p.46]: to be identified with Khuntal or Kuntel Jats. They are again mentioned together by Sirkar, as Kuntalahuna.130 These Tantras were translated into Chinese by Narendrayasas in 566 A.D., which may give an idea of their antiquity which coincides with the period of Huna emperors, Toraman, Mihiragula and Ajit, i.e., 490 to 554, A.D. or so.

130. Studies in Geography of Ancient and Mediaeval India, p. 71.


विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[2] ने लेख किया है ...कामगिरि (AS, p.167) - श्रीमदभागवत 5,19,16 में पर्वतों की सूची में कामगिरि का उल्लेख है--'ककुभो नीलों गोकामुख इंद्रकील: कामगिरि:....' संभवत: कामगिरि, चित्रकूट (जिला बंदा, उ.प्र.) में स्थित कामदगिरि (कामता) है.

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