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District map of Satna

Satna (सतना) is a city and district in Madhya Pradesh. It is Satna is a border city of the state and is touched by the borders of state of Uttar Pradesh.

Tahsils in Satna district


Satna got its name from Sutna or Satna river flowing in its vicinity. It is said that this river got its name from the name of popular rishi called "Suteekshna Muni" of ancient times of Ramayana period (ref. "Satna Nagar" written by Shivanand). A long history is associated with this place. In the Hindu holy book of Ramayana Era Lord Rama stayed in the region of Chitrakoot, half of it is in the outskirts of Satna, shared with Uttar Pradesh, which contains the rest. Nearby, at Bharhut, there are the remains of a 2nd century BC Buddhist stupa, first discovered in 1873 by Cunningham. Lord Shiva Temple at Birsinghpur is also a famous and old temple in the region. Maihar is an important pilgrim.

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