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Lichhavi Dynasty (1 to 340 AD) was a Jat dynasty according to Ram Swarup Joon. Ram Sarup Joon[1] writes that ....According to the research of Hem Chandra, Lichhavis belonged to Madrak dynasty and were called Karskar or Kakkar because of their origin from Kar.


Vasudeva Saran Agrawala[2] writes that The Lichchhavis are said to have comprised 7707 rajans living in Vesali, and it is stated in Lilita-vistara that each one of them thought: I am King, I am King. Panini mentions that Vrijis, of whose confederation the Lichchhavis formed part. There is reference in the Jatakas to the Lichchhavi rulers consecrated to rulership by sprinkling sacred water on them (Jat. IV.148). A similar custom prevailed among the Andhaka-Vrishnis and other Sanghas.

Ram Sarup Joon[3] writes about Lichhavi Jat Dynasty (1 to 340 AD). Dr. K. P. Jaiswal has mentioned, on the basis of some stone tablets unearthed earlier, and with reference to the Puranas that Patliputra and Magadha were the capitals of Lichhavi Bharshiva Jats. According to a rock edict of Raja Jai Dev, found in Nepal, his ancestors had ruled on Patliputra in the first century AD, for 100 years after having come from the Punjab. The Lichhavi dynasty originated in Peshawar. Upto 300 A.D. They ascended and relinquished the throne of Magadh many a time.

In 344. AD, Chandra Gupta, who was married into this dynasty, changed the name of the dynasty to Gupta.

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